Adam and Eve, the Concept of Family and Gender Roles

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  • Introduction
  • Independence
  • The Same Responsibility
  • From the Ribs of the Man


The passage from the Bible tells how Adam and Eve came to be. They both became manifestations and representatives of God, who will oversee and protect His creations. From there on, they became responsible on everything around them. They ruled over all creations and started reproducing in order to continue the legacy of God in them. Eventually, the concept of family started from this, as people formed bonds through the relationships.


What is interesting, based on the scripture, is the statement that goes “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 1-2). This statement is very interesting because it means so much in terms of what a family really means. The statement speaks of independence, especially on the part of the man. It lies on the part that a man must leave his parents in order to be with his wife. Just like Adam, he must be able to live according to God’s will, and oversee all the things that belong to him. In short, the man must be responsible enough before living with his wife, and to protect the future ahead of them.

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The Same Responsibility

In relation with this, it is quite interesting to know the role of woman in a family. What does she do for his husband? Can she do the same things that a man can? However, the bible stated that “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame” (Genesis 1-2). In this passage, it can be seen that both man and woman stand on equal footing with one another. The fact that they were both naked, and have no shame only means that they share the same burden, in Adam and Eve’s case, the responsibility of protecting God’s creations. They were both made for that particular purpose; thus, they both have the same responsibility. Thus, in a family, the husband and the wife must share responsibilities. They should help each other in every situation they are in, and stand together in the face of challenges and adversities. Despite the possibility of them having different personalities, and preferences, they must somehow find a way to cope with the family life. A husband and wife should be able to set aside these differences for the sake of fulfilling their responsibilities to their children, to one another, and to God.

From the Ribs of the Man

However, despite these positive views, there is also an aspect which I found quite confusing. This is the concept as to how woman came to be. According to the scriptures, woman came from the ribs of the man (Genesis 1-2). This statement is quite confusing because it becomes the basis of the past and current society, particularly on the topic of gender. Some implied that it is an indication that a man is more powerful than woman. In fact, this can be reflected on the traditions in some places, wherein the man provides for the family, and the woman stays at home, and is limited to household chores, babysitting, and raising their children. However, what does it mean? Why woman came from the rib of man? Why woman was created not in the same way as how God created man?

Despite the cultural differences, gender roles must never become an issue in the first place. After all, it is not God’s will to make woman limited to these activities. What God wants is to have a harmonious society wherein all the rulers of His creations live in peace and are spiritually inclined. It can only be done by ensuring that a husband and a wife should be able to create a family that fears God. With that, they will be able to fulfill God’s teachings, and live according to His teachings.

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