Rainbow Character of Adam Fung's "New Hope" Art Work: How It Brings Feeling of Calmness and Peacefulness

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I have selected the art work called New Hope (Falcon heavy side boosters, first landing) because it really caught my attention and I thought it looked really cool the way Adam Fung can make a painting look like if it was a picture taken. In this essay I will be talking about the different things that makes this art so special and unique for people to like and see. I will look at and examine every little detail of the artwork and explain all the different forms and techniques the artist Adam Fung used on this piece of artwork. Talking about this piece of artwork gives us the opportunity to see the different characteristics used in the painting and it shows us the way Adam Fung views the world and how it looks in his perspective. The way the painting is designed makes the artwork look like an actual picture taken form a real place. The artwork New Hope (Falcon heavy side boosters, first landing) is a beautiful piece of artwork. It has a very colorful rainbow showing the colors purple, blue green, yellow, orange, and red. The rainbow is in front of a beautiful clear blue sky with life like clouds around.

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There’re two space shuttles taking off, one in the distance with a little trail of smoke coming out from the jets, and shuttle that appears to be taking off from a closer distance has a cloud of white smoke and fire coming out from the jets at the bottom. Theres also what appears to look like bushes in the background. On the floor it has the concrete area where the space shuttles are taking off from and then surrounding it is a grass area. All the vibrant colors and life like resemblance of all the things shown in the art work make the appearance of the painting look like if it was a picture taken because it everything painted on the canvas looks so life like. The rainbow being the only thing that has different vibrant colors makes it stand out more and catches our attention a lot more since its in front of cool colors.

Evaluating the artwork makes us appreciate and like the artwork a little more. Adam Fung’s artwork is a representational artwork because it depicts the appearance of things. There are actual lines in the rainbow because its basically a curved colorful line that goes across the canvas. In the artwork there is also a geometric shape at the bottom of the space shuttle, you can clearly see the triangular shapes also at the bottom on the floor from where the space shuttles are taking off you can see another geometric shape, the shape you can point out is a circle. There is also organic shape which is shown in the clouds and in the bushes that are in the painting. The space shuttles in the artwork represent implied mass because they are three dimensional objects on a flat two-dimensional surface. The painting was drawn in a one-point linear perspective because its just showing the front prospective of the launch. You can see that by looking at the space shuttles, you can see that one looks farther away than the other one but that’s because of the way it was drawn and placed. The colors shown on the artwork is kind of a contrast because the rainbow is all kinds of different vibrant colors in front of a blue/gray/white background. This shows the contrast between warm and cool colors because of the way Adam Fung chose to only make the rainbow bright and vibrant. At the bottom right corner of the artwork you can see something that appears to be bushes and you can see the texture, so you can say Adam Fung used actual texture to show it in the painting.

Adam Fung is an associate professor of art at TCU. He went to the University of Notre Dame and received his Master of Fine Arts degree and from Wester Washington University he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He also attended Virginia Commonwealth University for Art Foundations. Fung is mainly focused on stuff happening around the world, and the universe and he is mainly recognized as a painter. He paints things that he has seen or experienced in his life. This painting was made in inspiration of the space x launch because the most powerful rocket in history had released a lot of pollution in the atmosphere. Fung chose to catalog the event with wonder in a painting. This painting is to show significant things in human history and it also sties the color, surface, and color of images. Adam Fung with his artwork he expresses what he feels about whats happening in the earth and the universe. This painting was to show that the rockets threw out a lot of pollution and that is shown by making everything in the background with dull, less vibrant colors. The only thing that looks vibrant and colorful is the rainbow in the middle most likely showing that even though theres a lot of pollution in the earth you can still have good things in the world hence the emphasis of the rainbow. His view on the world is just so interesting and its interesting to see his artwork because you can see what he was thinking and feeling at the moment that he painted this artwork. Adam Fung’s perspective of the world and universe is really just shown in his works of art.

My opinion of Adam Fung’s artwork is that its great and interesting to look at. It’s really pretty and interesting to see the different point of views that an artist can have on certain things and certain issues in the world. The way everything is painted can get you to see everything that Adam Fung thinks about how we treat the earth, world, and/or universe. I really like this art work because he makes it seem like if it was a picture taken which to me is really cool and amazing that Fung can make a painting look like that. The reason that I like the artwork New Hope is because the painting represents the name. The name New Hope to me means exactly what it says that there is new hope in the world and Adam shows this by painting a very colorful rainbow in the middle of the canvas. The rainbow is practically the only thing with bright colors in it, that is whats showing the hope that there is in the world and/or the whole universe. The rockets in the painting are letting out a lot of pollution so everything looks dark and gloomy but besides there being darkness and gloominess in the world because of things that us people do to the planet that destroys it little by little there are still things that are good and pretty in the world like the beautiful rainbow in Adam Fung’s painting.

The elements of art that were used just makes the art work more understandable and it creates a beautiful image that we can compare to and relate to real things in the real world. The way the artist puts his views of the world on a canvas makes me like the art work even more because I get a sense of what he feels and thinks. The technique and the colors used makes this art work look just so beautiful. I could look at it and study it all day because its pleasing to look at in person and in a picture. Anyone that looks at this painting should be able to see what the artist was trying to portray in this piece of artwork. The colors, shapes, and lines are able to catch people’s attention and make people like the art work because it is honestly such a beautiful thing to look at. For me by just looking at it, it seems to bring me calmness and peacefulness.

Hopefully its able to do that for a lot of people because the way the art is portrayed in such a sophisticated way can make any person fall in love with the painting. Any person can like this painting simply because of the beautiful colors and the rainbow that stands out in the artwork. The painting is what really catches people’s attention and makes us like the painting because it looks so pretty and its pleasant to see. The bright, vibrant colors are able to make someone look/feel happy because it’s just so colorful.

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