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Addiction to Heroin: Statistics, Reasons, and Consequences

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Opioids can be found all around the United States. Adolescents have a higher risk of becoming addicted to these opioids because of the environment they live in and the environment at home. These opioids can be obtained in many different forms around the world, there are a number of students able to obtain this drug easily, however, the effects are long lasting and severe once addicted to heroin.

The environment plays a role in what the future may hold for a person although this is not always the case, those who come from a lower class or those who are homeless are more likely to be addicted to opioids. Where someone lives might push them to use heroin because it is, “cheaper and easier”, to obtain instead of prescription opioids (NIDA). Although the use of heroin can be seen across the United States and other countries, the countries with the higher percentage of consumption have certain attributes; such as, it’s mostly found in, “small suburban areas or large urban area” (CDC). Another key attribute the environment plays into it is most people that do it are unemployed (CDC). Due to these factors, it leads to addiction not only in adults; but in teens as well, which could lead to future problems.

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Heroin was created for misuse, and has created dangerous addictions. Data from 2011 shows about 80 percent of people who used heroin, first misused prescription opioids (NIDA). Opiates are used in the medical field to relieve pain, suppress coughs, and control diarrhea (Newport). Heroin does nothing to aid people medically, it was created for the “high”. The “high” that comes with heroin appeals to teens across the country. The craving for the rush makes people return to the drug. Twenty percent of highschool seniors say that they could get heroin at any time (NIDA). This means that a dangerous, addictive drug is at the fingertips of youth. The convenient accessibility can lead teens to use heroin once and possibly become addicts for life.

Teens who have access to heroin are more likely to face medical problems in the future. The use of heroin could result in complications like kidney or liver failure, bacterial infections in blood vessels and the heart, arthritis, lung issues, and higher risk of HIV and AIDS, are all possible effects that come along with the use of heroin (drug free world). Underage kids who use heroin are harming their future. It’s addictive once it’s taken, and it’s all that’s on the mind until it’s obtained. Since teenagers aren’t fully developed, using heroin influences brain and physical development by damaging the nervous system. A single use of this drug impairs a critical part of the brain that’s responsible for decision making. This creates a string of problems, first being memory loss leading to learning development problems throughout the years (Addiction Center).

Heroin is an opioid that can destroy a person, once they become addicted. The environment in which a person lives may affect how they see the drug and how to use it to cope with the things they cannot control, it also falls into how many adolescents can obtain this opioid, and many disregard the serve effects that follow shortly after this abuse. People find a fascination in using heroin to “ forget” about many different events current or past, however that is not the case although some may not be in any position to achieve help no one should be forced to suffer or struggle with a drug addiction.


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