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ADiscussion On Gender Problems In A Therapy Class

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First, now that the semester is over, I wish I could reveal that recording videos for assignments for the last several months was very difficult for me, primarily because I was actually diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder. In fact, I had to repeat the recording for a lot of times for my first two videos, as my head went blank every time I was reminded of the fact that my appearance is being recorded in the form of a video. I had a lot of impulses to ask for help and suggest that I just do audio recording, so that the assignments won’t intervene with my body dysmorphic disorder. (The reason why I created a voice acting club when I was in my undergraduate was also because the school’s drama clubs could not be an option for me, because of my personal disorder.)

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However, I eventually could not ask for it at the end, primarily because our textbook put a lot of emphasis on attentive observation skills as the most important facet of a counseling professional – So I was convinced in advance that these assignments really have to be in the form of a video. So I just endured them all, so that I could be faithful towards our class objectives. It was never easy, but I am glad that I eventually could go through all the assignments at the end. I tried to focus exclusively on helping my client when it went down to the third video recording, and I could finish the third assignment with just one shooting this time. Of course, this is not to say that I have overcome the disorder, but I still feel proud that I could make a step forward in fighting against it – This might be even considered one of the major accomplishments I have made with this class.

As for the class materials, I have been wondering recently on the reason why we skipped a lot of lab experiences towards the end of the semester. I personally liked the idea that students would go out in front of the class, do their role-plays, and receive feedback from the rest of the class. It was somewhat disappointing we did not do much of the lab experiences as such towards the end of the semester. I personally suppose we could minimize the time spent on the check-out at the beginning of each class meeting and do more lab experiences instead. Personally speaking, I was willing to go out for the lab experience at least twice before the end of our semester, and it was disappointing that I did it only once for the last several months.

Speaking of which, it was actually dubious for me why we had to spend so much time with a check-out at the beginning of each class meeting. Of course, we as a class did have a lot of logistics to manage, as much as we had to record videos and provide our classmates with peer critiques, but I still thought we could reduce the time being spent on the check-outs. I’d be glad if the next line of students to attend this class won’t be wondering the same question as I did in the future. I genuinely thought each class meeting that we could reduce the time spent on the check-out and have two lab experiences in a row at each class. I believe that would have also provided my classmates with more opportunities to receive feeback from the others.

Our textbook was a great piece of work, and I did enjoy reading it. It was helpful not only for my COUN-504, but for my COUN-511 as well. Even if it is quite clear that it was written as a textbook, as it is clear from the fact that the authors included a lot of exercises as a part of the book, I would still even encourage my friends to read this book because I really enjoyed reading it myself throughout the class. It was especially thought-provoking that the authors always managed to include a cross-cultural perspective within each chapter. This also enabled me to participate more actively in class meetings, as I am an international student. I would have perhaps been less participatory in class if it were not for the choice of this specific textbook.

Yet, I wish we could talk more about gender issues in this class, as I do believe that there exist a certain set of microskills that are effective especially when talking about gender issues. I also anticipate that, especially when it comes to our classmates who want to specialize in school counseling, there will be the growing number of young students over the next decade who come to their office after they decided themselves to be nonbinary. Thus, it would have been helpful if we could explore in our class if there exist such microskills that are effective especially in the case of gender transgression. Of course, I am aware that this class was one of the introductory classes for those in the counseling department, but I would still cling to this argument as much as I believe that the majority of personal problems within the human society originate from gender issues.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?