Adn: Solving the Challenges of Telecommunication Industry Through Blockchain

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The mobile service is no doubt used globally and as such very popular. The implementation of this mobile service has made the owner of such mobile services to align with the provider of their telecommunication service. The provider will keep record of the rate for call minutes; and even when the user dials the service number the service provider will quickly deduct from such user account at exorbitant rate.

However, the greater part of the deducted amount will be transferred to the service provider and the huge part will be used as a commission base to the network operator at the end of the month.

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This has made communication service rate at the expensive side. The users are at the receiving end always and this has lingers for long without any solution in sight. The user has various sad experiences ranging from difficult service registration, delayed payment time and reduced profitability for everyone using such service. This is what ‘Advisory Network’ came to solve all these problems for the telecommunication industry.

What is ADN?

Advisory Network or ADN is a decentralized platform built on blockchain principles which connect the needed solution between users and organizations that makes the advisory related services easier for the users through voice calls and video calls. It is a Software based platform using blockchain as a Service to provide the Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) system model where the following will happen:

The ADN will offer software solutions to the providers of service and the end users. Then the Service providers will supply consultancy based services to the end users, by updating the service of information, advisors, experience, and the advisory rates per minute call. The users will conveniently find their own service provider and use the advisory service.

How ADN will help the Industry

The ADN will help the industry in the following g ways:

Providing fast payment: The ADN will serves as an instant payment solution based solution for the service provider with no third parties system. The service of payment will be done automatically made using the blockchain and smart contract. This will allow the platform to be very automatic and transparent.

In the platform a token will be issued as the means of currency for payment of services between the service provider and user. The token system will be a means for trading crypto related money for the payment on ADN and with the service provider.

Solves the problem of Reliability: Using the both the blockchain and smart contract solution which enables fast reliable payment and services. The platform will be very reliable due to the application both technologies on the platform.

To reduced cost and maximize profit: Normally advisory solution is what its needed in the telecommunication platforms because it always affect end users and the illegal charges always getting deducted from their mobile account, afterwards the telecommunication service provider will still need to pay for unnecessary fee to the service based provider at the end of each month. Due to this, payment is being delayed.

However, most network operator serves as an intermediary role, and they will get their most of the profits. They applied the use of blockchain solution and will not require any third parties system; this will help the service users to reduce their cost for the service providers making it profitable for everyone.

You can maneuver: Each user can able to search for various needed services using their PC or Mobile applications. It will serve as the navigation means for the platform for searching and using the service.

Service implementation very easy: Majority of companies, industries and individuals offering the advisory services are not technology experts ones and as such building a video consulting system is a difficult one. ADN will provide a business to business solution instead of Business to Costumer using a specialized model System model; this literally means that individuals or organization can use its advisory solution with not building and operating its own system.

Advantage of AND

ADN platform will provide the following advantages:

To rendering a truly advisory service to telecommunication industry

A very secured and privacy enabled ecosystem for users to thrive conveniently

Easy navigation means around the ecosystem to ensure smooth service delivery to everyone.

Providing a transparent system based on trust for everyone so as both the mobile users and the provider we be in gains.

It’s a win-win platform for the telecommunication operators and their user subscribers. Business flow of ADN The following shows the flows of business within the ADN ecosystem:

First, the service provider will update the profile of the company, and that of the advisors with the rate in ADN or dollar using the web interface.

Then users will now searches for the advisors via desktop or mobile app. Now the end user will have a look at advisor information, company’s profile, and the call rate before the call.

The user will make the call to their selected advisors.

The system will then look out for the balance available via the smart contract.

Afterwards the user will end the call.

Finally, the system transfers the ADN tokens or dollar to the advisors.

In conclusion, ADN is a decentralized platform built on blockchain principles which connect the needed solution between users and organizations that makes the advisory related services easier for the users through voice calls and video calls.

ADN will offer the utility of extension which allows all service provider issue their mobile or pc application. This will be customized for each service provider. Using the utility, the various providers can login their information to customizing their application, afterwards the ADN ecosystem will generate automatically a corresponding mobile application.

As a solution enabled ecosystem, the ADN platform will provide solution to the problem of Reliability, and reduced cost and maximize profit while also Providing fast payment for end users.

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