Adnan Syed is Innocent and Deserves a New Trial

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Adolescence is a period in life where teenagers discover their identity, how they want to be and what they want to do in the future. This is the time where they attempt new things, experience amazing moments, experience various adventures and find their first love. Unexpectedly, your first love is reported dead and you are blamed for the murder. At that point, figuring out every table has turned upon you. Now what, perhaps, Adnan Syed deserves a new trial based on the information provided in Serial.

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Narrated by journalist Sarah Koenig, the creators of “This American Life” is podcasting the Serial investigative journalism. In this season of Serial, it goes in depth of the murder case of a 17-year-old Hae Min Lee’s death by strangulation on the thirteenth of January 1999. This case was accused of Hae Lee’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The main proof they had of Adnan being the killer was Jay Wild’s testimony. Yet, there was no physical evidence along these lines, Adnan argued as crimeless. Moreover, there were many inconsistencies with Jay’s story every time he told his testimony. As the episodes continue, they discover new information revealed when the only alibi for Adnan had approached forward. Therefore, Adnan should deserve a new trial provided by the information from Serial. His trial should not be based distinctly by one person’s declaration with no physical proof and neglecting to attempt to prove his innocence.

Adnan deserves a new trial due to failure to bring an alibi to support the suspect who is discovered. Firstly, at 2:15 pm Asia McClain had gone to the library to do some work. At 2:30 pm, she guaranteed that Adnan came to the library and was working beside her. Asia recalls Adnan talking about how Hae and he separated yet said “if she does[not] want to be with me, then that is fine. I just wish the best for her” (pg. 29). He did not display a jealous attitude. Around 2:36 pm is when the prosecutors claimed Hae was murdered which got blamed on Adnan. Asia did not consent to this statement so, when they arrested him, Asia wrote two letters reminding him about that day. Adding on, she gave them to Adnan and executed it to the original defence attorney Christina Gutierrez. In any case, these letters were uncollected. If Christina had considered utilizing Asia’s letters as evidence, the trial outcome would have changed. Asia said nobody had contacted her after she had given those letters to Adnan, “I trust the court system to do their diligence. I was never informed of anything pertaining to the case” (pg. 28). Rabia Chaudry said, “if they had contacted Asia, Adnan perhaps could have been in a better position” (pg. 32). Concluding, Christina neglects to look at Asia as a witness made Adnan in more of a risk of being guilty.

Also, it is very difficult to believe in Jay’s story because it is inconsistencies. First, Sarah said Jay mentioned, “he refused to help dig a grave for Hae” then in the second tape he said, “we both dug the whole” (pg. 90). Which makes him suspicious. Then his statement affected bigger changes. “Jay says Adnan only told him that same day that he was going to kill Hae. Two weeks later, Jay says that Adnan had started talking about it like five days before” (pg. 91). These two statements proved that Jay was hiding something. In the end, with the many inconsistencies, it would be hard to determine if Wild is telling the truth.

The only other main perspective in this investigation is Jay. Could he be telling the truth and what happened that day? It is possible, after all; Adnan is Hae’s ex-boyfriend so many may argue he could be jealous. When Jay’s friend Jennifer testified, she occupied a similar story to him. Both stated, “Adnan was acting strange at my house” (pg.79) which was believable he might do something afterwards. Perhaps, someone else that killed Hae is using Adnan to be guilty because it is easy to accuse an ex-boyfriend.

Therefore, this evidence executes us with more information that Adnan was not the murderer of Hae. The inconsistencies in Jay’s story are revealing he is lying defending himself. The proof in Asia’s letter stating he was at the library at that time. In conclusion, a trial for an innocent man should not be based on one person’s story in determining his life.

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