Adolescent Health: Mental Illnesses Case

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Adolescent health can be described as different practices and approaches to, first detecting then treating and finally preventing the health and well-being of young people. Recent research has revealed that almost one in seven 4-17-year-olds experienced a mental disorder in the past year, worldwide 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders. Half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 and three-quarters by mid-20s.


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A 15 years old boy came into the clinic for medical assistance. He was suffering from a great level of depression because of obesity, pimples and marks on his face. He was worried that he does not look attractive because of the marks on the face and overall physique. As a nurse, I was available in the meeting room and the patient depicted the history and detail of his issues with his skin, body structure and the passionate trouble that the spots were causing him. He was low on confidence as well. The patient depicted the negative impact that the skin break out and physique was having which began when he was around 13 years of age. For instance, he has been tormented at school and getting undesirable proposals from the general people around.

During consultation time the patient was only talking negative and he complained of low-esteem because of acne and obesity. In the wake of getting all the data, the specialist gave a recommended treatment to the patient considering the historical backdrop of the acne and obesity, the nearness of acne on the face and the negative enthusiastic impact that the acne and obesity were having. Feelings Amid the meeting, I had various emotions. Fundamentally I felt sensitivity for the patient since his circumstance helped me to remember my own chance as a young person. I experienced awful skin and physique from the ages of 14 to around 20 and it seriously influenced my own confidence. In a survey of the writing, (Dunn, O'Neill, & Feldman, 2011) have discovered that patients experiencing skin inflammation or obesity are more in danger of sadness and other mental issues. However, the review also found that the treatment may lead to improvement of the psychological disorder that is so often co-morbid. My own encounters of skin break out and obesity additionally implied that I could relate well to the patient. I likewise felt some outrage amid the council. This outrage was coordinated at the patient's associates who had been sufficiently merciless to insult and bother the patient because of his skin inflammation. I likewise felt a feeling of pride that this young fellow had the bravery to go to the facility without anyone else to look for help with physical issues. I recalled how disquieting acne and obesity were as a youngster and I recollected that I would have been excessively humiliated, making it impossible to have at any point gone to a facility or to have looked for assistance from a grown-up.


On assessment, the occasion was great in various ways. Right off the bat, it added to my experience of managing youngsters and in managing the issues that are one of a kind to this generation of patients. Besides, it re-avowed my vocation decision as a nurse. Amid your profession, you generally have questions with reference to whether you have picked the right way. In any case, there are focuses on your profession when you feel beyond any doubt that you have settled on the correct decision. In any case, there were additionally some negative components. Firstly, the duration of the consultation was very short, and I am concerned this may have made the patient feel hurried and awkward. (Purvis et al., 2006) have found that youngsters with acne or overall look are at an expanded danger of suicide and that consideration must be paid to their emotional wellness.

Specifically, the creators found that straightforwardly getting some information about self-destructive contemplations ought to be supported amid counsels with youngsters. This data just served to influence me to feel more on edge and I longed that I had purchased this up with the patient. Analysis On reflection, having the capacity to identify with the patient expanded my capacity to bargain more viable with the circumstance. I feel that the patient could open additional to me since he detected my sensitivity for him and his circumstance. (Randall & Hill, 2012) talked with youngsters matured about 11 and 14 years about what makes a 'decent' nurse. It was discovered that the capacity to associate with them was critical thus I think this is the reason the patient fondled happy with an opening to me. (Gulliver, Griffiths, & Christensen, 2010) youngsters saw shame and disgrace as obstructions to getting to social insurance. In this manner, it could have been simple for the patient to have abstained from coming and looking for help. I felt a scope of both positive and negative feelings amid the consultation, and I think this re-asserted for me that I appreciate nursing and appreciate helping other people. It is imperative to truly think about patients and to give them the most ideal care. This would be difficult to do on the off chance that you didn't feel compassion for patients. The experience additionally helped me understand that I must effectively look out preparing and learning openings regarding working with youngsters with emotional well-being issues.

To conclude, if a similar circumstance was to emerge again I feel that I would approach it in a marginally unique manner. Specifically, I would have offered to allude the patient to additionally bolster administrations. Amid the discussion, the patient said that he felt that the spots and fat all over made him ugly to the contrary sex. In addition to giving the medication to deal with the biological roots of the problem, it is also important to focus on the physiological aspects as well. (Coyne, 2008) has found that young people always hesitate to consult with professionals. Young people improve their sense of wellbeing by increasing these consultations and discussions.

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