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Advancement And Changes in The World Of Internet

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For the past few years, internet are now very easily accessible all around the world and technologies always has been upgrading regularly which service us in many diverse way of communication. Computer and phones were created in a form of communication from one person to another and also to different countries to get information. Emails are used by businesses and also for personal usage to pass down a certain information or a message. Information that is carried out via emails and mobile device or cloud storages are facing threats caused by malware and hackers. This matter is faced by everyone and different countries and government authorities have been tracking down those hackers due to the important information carried out by them. There are a lot of consequences of data breaches from losing the trust of a valued customer because of personal information being leaked and to facing financial losses due to law sue. It is best to recognize cyber attack not as an end in itself, but as a means to a boarder diversity of other ends, a few of which have tangible political, military, criminal and social consequences.

According to Channel NewsAsia (2018), “On July 20, Channel NewsAsia reported that there has been a cyber attack on SingHealth which leaks out 1.5 million patients records and personal information and even the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong information were being leaked to the hacker. Cyber attacker’s ultimate goal could be anything from personal amusement, political revolution, property theft terrorism, or even international war. There are a lot of threats that we can face easily online it is because technologies are evolving so does the threats that is why we will discuss about the 3 threats that we face and also the 3 solutions to help from preventing facing those threats. Technologies are always changing to keep up with modern society. Computer and mobile devices were created to access internet and also to contact one another. Internet is a good place for you to share your ideas or to look up for ideas with friends and family. But the disadvantage of browsing on the internet is that there are online scams, data breaches and Phishing. Phishing is a criminal mechanism employing both social engineering and technical subterfuge to steal personal information date or financial account information. Attacker may gather information on social networking sites, such as archived messages, user interests or hobbies and then they would create alluring e-mails and to fool the person into a website which looks legit. Some of them are unaware of it and may fill in their personal particulars thinking that they are going on some legit websites when those hackers are stealing more personal information from them.

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According to an article written by Lydia.L,(2018), on 4 May, there has been a phishing website targeting both POSB and DBS customer that there has been an online scam e-mails coming from them POSB or DBS saying there has been attack by hackers which might cause them to lose money and sending you fake website to update your personal information. Data breaching is also known as a threat to many companies and government sectors. Hackers could easily hack into company and even the government sectors stealing important data such as their personal information, bank account number and also information of their client. There are a lot of solutions that could prevent you from being a victim of leaking out your personal information and files. During the checking of email users must be mindful when clicking on links or attachment send by unknown users it is because those attachment they send to you might be harmful to your computer which will steal personal information and those links that you receive users should check to assure those links are legitimate. Ensuring that you installing the right useful tools for your internet browser, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others using the right extension to help secure your internet browsing experience.

Adults must also enable children safety usage for the network, when kids are using them as they would not surf into unnecessary web link or fall into scams and threats that will harm them. Application made for online shopping or even banking application, like Tabao, Amazon, Paypal, POSB, OCBC and others, details should not be stored inside as it is not safe due to hackers being advanced in lots of places. Especially now that technology advancement is advancing rapidly, password storages and other sought of diffrent type of storing your details online. According to an article written by Kevin.K.(2018),” The most serious breach of personal data in Singapore’s history took place, with 1.5 million Singhealth patients’ records accessed and copied while 160,000 of those had their outpatient dispensed medicines’ records taken, according to the Ministry of Healthy and Ministry of Communications and Informations’’. Over the years cloud storages have been invented by companies from a user perspective to enable them from being useful, just a month ago from August, more than 1.5 million Singaporean’s personal medical data have been breached by hackers, allowing them to access their NRIC numbers, addresses, details but not amending them or deleting these records. Companies have been ongoing in a competition in the market to seek for consumers needs and ongoing demands. Companies such as Google Drive, Dropbox and even IClouds are in the current market but there are always pros and cons in each company itself and their benefit from using it as a user or premium users. Users that pay for the premium benefits for most companies tense to experience more benefit such as more data storages for the user and even ensuring that they are prioritise to queue first to store their data fast. Companies also produced hardware devices, such as hard disk and others that help you to transfer your data wireless or using with wire to transfer your data from one end to another end.

According to “DATA INSIDER”,” companies such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Azure have a problem that is that they uses third-party sharing services to transfer users data over to their platform’’. In 2016, Yahoo cloud storages have experienced a breach of data attacks which was thought to contain details of around 200 millions user’s accounts. Preventing users from letting this to occurred, the internet or rather public speaking corners, government have provide users with course to learn on how to protect their data from data leaked. Firstly choosing the legit and safe cloud data storage company with its reputation and news on how they prevent their users from cyber attack, should give them a good reputation and being said that it’s also reliable to use it. Users using this data storages application should also ensure that their passwords are safe and easily remembered by them. Passwords should not be a full strings of words and rather mix with numerical numbers, capital alphabets and at least eighteen alphabets and special annotation, such as exclamation marks and so on. Transferring on a wire basis would be more recommended rather than doing it wirelessly or bluetooth transferring.

Advancement in technologies also rises up as communication is the key to bringing people from different countries together to create and share their ideas with one another. Cell phone advancement have been rapidly increasing in terms of their design and their technology that’s installed in their devices. Phone application for social platform such as Instagram, Facebook and messaging application such as Whatsapp, WeChat and even Telegram have their benefits and threats towards cell phone users. User’s details and sensitive information such as locations, passwords and credit cards details are stored inside their phone and even medias of themselves. With the socialising application installed and invented for them, phone calls are made easier for loves one in their family to communicate with each other from overseas and even texting with each other. Social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook allows you to post your daily life images and the thoughts of your own which people tense to post images of themselves and thoughts of theirs as a privacy segment. Phone scams have been an ongoing issue and even phishing is a serious offence , others threats that phone users are facing are also like application installing spyware into their devices without them acknowledgement.

According to Imperva Incapsula,” Phishing attack is a type of Social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers stored inside your devices and attackers only occurs when it dupes a victim in opening an email such as lottery scam and such”. Phone scams such as ‘’kidnapper’’ asking for ransom on the phone commonly occured saying that they have the victims family members on their hand. Spyware on the other hand also allows attackers to access the victim’s devices for their details and logins credentials just that without the attention of the users. Attackers aiming victims mainly for ransom, credit cards details or even their locations and their personal details. They usually do not appear out of nowhere but when they do, it’s usually the victims falling into the traps of theirs by clicking on pop ups advertisement or falling into the attacker’s attractive emails such as lottery ticket winners or vouchers winner from shopping mall. Usually Old folks are the most common in terms of being scammed, that is why our government step up to allow Singaporeans living to use a sum of money allocated for education and advancing their studies using the Skillsfuture Credits that are given to Singaporean at the age of 25. Policemen are also doing their jobs by educating the citizen on what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to scams, what are they supposed to do and people that they should contact immediately. By downloading anti-spyware softwares and disabling pop-ups on your mobile devices and keeping it safe and secure by updating it regularly keeps the attackers away from your devices. Without network, there won’t be ideas being shared within smart and creative people from all over the world and there won’t be any smart phones and tablets made by Samsung from korea and Iphones from the US. Denial of Service ,DOS,.

Attack is commonly use by attackers aiming at a particular company or networking station to close down their machine or network line, making it unavailable for its users using them. Malicious threats like virus such as Trojan and Spyware, ideas it to steal or disrupt the network host to get information from their server and releases out to the public. Network has served its own purpose to cater for users and companies, gathering resources, informations and particulars of people for Healthcare and event high profile companies uses network to transfer important datas. With network people can gather around the world playing video games online, web chatting and even forming a group of the same interests. Pharming is also one a few common threats among lots of them when it comes to networking, the link provided to you to access certain website, that may seem to be legit and its working fine, but once key into the web browser, the link will then bring user using, redirecting them to the attacker’s link or viruses. Network advancing is on going and therefore it’s good to practise the right ways of using the network and when it comes to DDOS or rather knowing people are attacking your network, its best to save your work or files into a safe hard drive always updating your network security and immediately switch off your main power point of the network and devices that you are using, to prevent the attackers from attacking further.

Firewall applications can be find online, some being paid by monthly subscription to use and some being free for users but with lots of pop-ups to seek user into the getting the monthly subscription. Firewall prevents spyware, viruses and not only these few threats but most importantly it will keep you updated for securities softwares and many other security features that your network will be using. With that being said, we still need to help one another when it comes to cyberbullying or cyber attack and not just leave it as it is. Phishing, Spyware, Ddos and more are threats that we should keep ourselves away from it and we should learn how to prevent it, by seeking knowledge from adults or even students that are learning them. Security features installed in almost every technology devices that are produced in the market to help consumers with minimising the cyber attack like the Singhealth data base. Its best to invest in a firewall application such as Mcafee, Bitdefender and Comodo firewall, even though they are seeking premium users for a monthly subscription or even yearly. Phone scam and emails are the most common threats that most people face daily as some are just too innocent and will proceed to give what the attackers wants and some are just too greedy when it comes to lottery ticket winner pop-ups or even shopping mall voucher that attracts their eye and they will just click it and fall for the bait. With the steps of preventing all these from happening, we should guide the old and the youngs so that they do not fall into all these kinds of threats.


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