Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Coasters and Placemats

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If you're homemaker or you own a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop - or even if you work in an office, tea, coffee and all beverages accompanies you throughout the live. As much as their crockery catches the eye, any tumble or spill possess the tendency to spoil the furniture beneath it. No one wants that! Whatsoever! We tend to take extra measures in protecting the polish and built of the furniture from irreversible damages because they grabbed a big amount of our earnings. Beverage coasters came as a savage in regard. As it take the load of world on its tiny shoulders.

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Placemats and coasters is a great addition to a coffee or tea table or even the side ones. They are functional and decorative can multiply assist you in domestic and professional purposes.

A coaster, drink coaster, tea coasters are where the drinks rest on. They can also be used as a lid over the half filled glass for later use to prevent the drink from uninvited guest.

In bars and coffee shop hotel staffs are trained to quickly spot and clean the table and take away the deserted glasses and cups as the guest leaves the seat in order to maintain cleanliness and for reuse. These deserted and half emptied liquids are tossed out immediately to prevent spilling and breakage of glassware. But the problem is what to do if you are leaving that table to attend a call, or to welcome another guest. When you get back to the seat, your drink is already on its new journey. It sound offensive to ask the staff for it. Here is a tip to avoid this mess. You can use the placemat as a lid of your beverage, it will give the impression that you are away for a reason and will come back shortly. So do not clear the table to make space for other patrons.

Saucers are also long used in western culture for much the same purpose. When drinking tea, it is customary to use a cup and saucer set. As far coasters are concerned they were initially designed in 1760 for wine bottles. By the mid-twentieth century, beverage coasters started designing in many materials and styles. Today, they are common as an everyday houseware piece and are also used in restaurants. They are more commonly known as placemats.

They are now available in different styles and designs. Whether you want them for your home or shop, you are now given a wide range in respective markets to choose accordingly. I try to list down all the pros and cons below of different types of coasters and placemats currently selling in the markets.

Wooden placemats and their human connection:

Wooden placemats are best so far for domestic and formal use. They give a nice decent look on the go. One of the reasons why wood coasters grab the attention are because they are simple and economical and they carry with them a certain modesty and natural beauty. Obviously we cannot grow trees and wood inside the room to get feel. Psychologically as humans we are drawn to woods more than acrylics and metals. They tend to depress the negative forces around and are known to provide mother warmth. Moreover wood releases a proportional energy as of tea. Because tea leaves come from the wooden branches. In this way they both harmonize on some level too. If using for tea or coffee or any warm drink; wood placemats would add more value to the drink’s look and feel. They have a tendency to absorb the spill inside more than any other material.

Best use:

Wood placemats are the best to use indoors whether be in home or office, since they easily camouflage with furniture tables. These days they are available with beautiful patterns and in symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes which adds more value to it.

Acrylics/ Plastic Placemats:

Acrylic coaster are good. They can be used anywhere around. The main reason acrylics are demanded is of their unbreakable built and it gives a glass look. That fair is a feast for the eyes for the drinker. Acrylics and plastic coasters can be used in outdoors for a fine dining. When going out for a picnic or if you're throwing a party in your patio, these placemats can add colours to your tea party and the table.

Glass Placemats:

Glass is class since eternity. Obviously nothing can beat the crystalized beauty. A glass coaster beneath the glass or goblet make the table looks more lavish. The biggest drawback of glass items is they're prone to damage. Glass crockery is enough to take extra care of, we don't want extra tension in taking care of placemats too. They are supposed to be handy in the first place, at least not something to handle carefully. Another “not to buy” reason is that they are comparatively costly than wooden placemats.

Metal Placemats:

Metals heavy on name, heavier on pocket and heaviest on body. Jokes apart metal placemats are good for offices since they give an elegant, sleek shiny and formal look. They have the ability to give rustic yet refined feeling in offices and lobbies. Elsewhere I don't think they would be able to add beauty, neither in homes nor in the outdoors. This review could be a bit bias because I am not a metal lover. However it depends on your taste.

Ceramic Placemats

Ceramics can be good and bad at the same time. The first and second pro of ceramic coasters or crockery is they can be customized for you without any significant increase in its price. They look cute in their natural colour and when painted, it serves like a cherry over the cake for its customers. Down the lane come the cons. Ceramic waterproofing abilities are not upto the mark. They need some extra clear coats in the process which snatches its natural feel. Secondly they love to break themselves into pieces for you. Same as the glass ones, we don't want any other item to tactfully use.

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