Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming

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When night falls, I pack up my gear, ready for my mission. I walk alone down an alley, the road lighted by tiny little moonlight. Suddenly, I spot my target. I increase my pace, draw out my dagger, and get ready to kill. I jump high and aim the dagger. The dagger lands where I want it to and the target dies. This scene is from my favourite video game, DOTA 2, Defence Of The Ancients.

According to a 2018 Statista survey, there are nearly 2.3 billion active gamers around the world. This is equivalent to one third of the world population. However, many people say that gaming is bad but according to my research, there are actually many advantages too. So, good morning everyone, the topic I’m going to share today is ‘The Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming’. There are three main points in my speech which are gaming can affect our emotions, gaming can affect our time management and gaming can improve our mental skills. Let’s begin with the first point.

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Did you ever experience losing a game until become mad and angry? I had experienced that. When I lose the game again and again, my mind will totally messed up and become very mad. That time, I really want to shout out my voice to suppress my feeling but I hold it back because I scare my voice will disturb my family in my house. So I decide to endure my feeling. According to Mail Online News in November 2015, a Chinese woman in China, named Xiao Yun, a rebellious teenager who left home in 2005 after argue with her parent about gaming and disappeared about a decade. Xiao Yun’s parents thought she already dead. In the decade she working in different cybercafe to support her in the 10 years. She was very expert in an online game named ‘Cross Fire’ until the other gamers want to pay her to play game for them. After 10 years, she had been taken away to the police station and found out that Xiao Yun matched the case of a woman, her mother, who was reported the missing of Xiao Yun 10 years ago. Her little emotional in year 2005 had changed their 10 years life because of gaming.

It conclude that gaming will affect our emotion and will change our life become good or bad. We must avoid negatively emotion and have more positively emotion. However, my emotion is totally different when I win repeatedly in the game. I will enjoy my good mood on the whole day and share the joy with my friends. I also feel relaxation and my stress will disappear when winning the game. When I feel stressful in homework, I will spare some time gaming to release my stress. It is very helpful because when I spend half an hour to release my stress and continue to do my homework is better than being stressful along the way. According to MakeUseOF, a technology website, gaming can reduce your stress. A 2010 study at Texas A&M conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson say that long term of gaming seem to be able to adopt mental skills to handle stress. Lets go on to my second point, which is gaming can affect our time management negatively. Did it happen on you before that you gaming until the time disappear without any reason? I did.

When I too concentrate while gaming, I do not notice that the time flies as fast as an eagle. I do not expect that the time had gone 8 hours when i thought I just played 3 hours. Gaming is good, but managing time play is the main key. We must let the time control our gaming, not let the gaming control our time. This is why every gamers should be aware the time management in gaming. In CNN report, a 32-years old man in Taiwan was found dead at an internet cybercafe in year 2015. He non stop gaming in the following 3 days. The man entered a Taiwan cybercafe on January 6, 2015 and start playing. After three days, an employee found that the man had dead on January 8. The causes of his dead was cardiac failure, largely causes by cold temperature, immobility and utter exhaustion from lack of sleep. The man just wasted his three days time for gaming and finally he also wasted his whole life too. On the other hand, I always gaming more than 3 hours. I will feel very tired once gaming over 3 hour. I will still continue to gaming because gaming is very fun until I cannot stop playing. According to the Huff Post, the blog wrote by Jane McGonigal, She say that if the gaming reached more than 3 hours a day, we’re not going to get those positive impacts. Instead, we’ll be at risk for negative impacts. This is why time management is very important in gaming, because it gives negative impacts once gaming over 3 hours. If children do not control their time management in gaming, it will influence their examination. It will also influence their future if they keep gaming non stop and lost their precious time. Therefore, every person must use time wisely and have a good time management because it will influence our future. So this is my second point of my speech. Finally, lets move on to the last point of my speech, which is gaming can improve our mental skills.

According to Business Insider Malaysia in 2015, Jane McGonigal, a world-renowned designer say that games can be powerful tools to improve our attention, mood, cognitive strength and our relationships. She say that playing fast paced games like ‘Call of Duty’ a first person shooter game can help improve visual attention, and another fast paced game ‘Forza’, a car racing game, will help improve your ability to make accurate decision under pressure. Other than that, she also say that ‘Grand Theft Auto’ will help train you to process information faster and keep track of more information, ‘Star Craft’, a military-science-fiction game, will improve the ability to solve imaginary and real life problem, ‘Mass Effect’, a science-fiction third-person-shooter game that require strategic thinking, will test and refine your information-gathering skills, and lastly ‘Final Fantasy’, a fantasy role playing game, can train you to evaluate your option faster and more accurately. Therefore, different type of game can improve our different mental skills.

In conclusion, gaming has both positive and negative effects. In my three points today, we can see that gaming can effect our emotions, so we need not to be over emotional. Next, gaming can affect our time management, so we have to put a reasonable limit on our time in gaming. Lastly, the right kind of games can improve our mental skills.

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