Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Animals in Zoos

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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  • Introduction
  • Advantages:of Keeping Animals in Zoos
  • Disadvantages:of Keeping Animals in Zoos
  • Conclusion


The term zoo is a common abbreviation for “zoological garden”, an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or garden, not just for concerned with entertainment, but also with conservation, education, and scientific research. Today, zoos open to the public can be found in virtually every country in the world. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums now consists of more than 1,200 institutions which together attract over 600 million visitors per annum (Holtorf, as cited in Carr & Cohen, 2011). Also, zoos help conservation encompasses captive breeding programs for endangered species. The following paragraphs will mention both the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos.

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Advantages:of Keeping Animals in Zoos

-  education of the general public

-  less chance to fight for food or domain

-  helps to conserve the animal’s life

To start with, one benefit of keeping animals in zoos is education. To the scientist, animals are valuable for scientific research, the scientist can observe animals’ natural habits safely in zoos. To educate the general public, zoos are the most convenient way to see animals at a close distance, it increases animal visibility and allows visitors to learn about animals’ natural behaviors (Rees, 2011). people can learn about biodiversity through direct experience. Zoos provide an opportunity for visitors to learn more about such a species’ abilities, demonstrating the spectacular abilities of animals can help to increase their correlated knowledge to them.

Apart from educational benefits, it works toward protection efforts and captive reproduction. In zoos, animals have less chance to fight for food or domain, is not easy to get injured like bleeding. Also, a system of breeding in zoos can ensure a sufficient number of animals survive. According to Shepherdson (1993), it is ready to recognize the environments with certain basic requirements to improve the possibility of the animal in zoos to have reproduction, such as nutrition and parturition. The field of zoo biology seeks, in part, to understand the many biological processes that intervene between an animal's environment and its reproductive outcome. As a whole, keeping animals in zoos can benefit society since it helps to conserve the animal’s life.

Disadvantages:of Keeping Animals in Zoos

- the depravity of animals' living skills

-  they will become lazy

-  zookeepers are hard to recognize pain in animals

-  the population density in zoos causes fast transmission of infections and parasites

-  taking away animals' freedom

On the contrary, the opponents state that keeping animals in zoos may depravity their living skills. There is no doubt that the small place they have been kept affects their mental and physical health, they will become lazy since the protector keeps taking care of them. Dita (2006) claim that zookeepers are hard to recognize pain in animals, especially if there is no obvious cause. Also, zoo animals may suffer health problems in the environment. Injuries requiring treatment are often caused by limited or unsuitable enclosures. Animals unaccustomed to a new enclosure or innovation often hurt themselves. Also, Bostock (1993) argues that the population density in zoos causes fast transmission of infections and parasites, some of which are human in origin; for example, primates often get colds.

Moreover, keeping wild animals enclosed is taking away their freedom. This will increase the tendency of wild animals’ characteristics, and anxiety for their bad mood. Freedom had been restricted, suffer the feeling of captivity, is nonsense to them to be like this. In zoos, animals only have a restricted place for them to move, they cannot run like in the wild and barely coexist with their whole family like before. The lack of privacy they have is unacceptable. Hence, animals should enjoy their right, enjoy their freedom but not be under the control of humans.

Last but not least, animals should not be kept in zoos because it is their right. Even though the zoo is a place for saving them and for the public to learn about them, animals will not like to be kept in a cage to hold life. Also, not to mention but people still choose to kill captive animals that just get away from the cage without hurting anyone, just because of their wildness (Associated Press, 2018), then why should people still keep them when status that they are not safe to handle. People should not keep wild animals in zoos, it is kind of selfish.


There is a big advantages variety of keeping animals in zoos, but the disadvantages of zoos are more meaningful, so nowadays is better to avoid keeping animals in zoos.

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