Advantages and Disadvantages of Pro Animal Testing

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pro Animal Testing 

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Imagine, just for a moment, being tied town by metal clamps. You can't move, or cry for help. Imagine the harsh, artificial light that flows over your face from the fluorescent lamp as mysterious figures move throughout the shadows. Imagine sharp prongs digging into your skin, as poison is injected slowly into your veins. Imagine feeling numb and helpless as you've been deprived of sleep for weeks on end, till you've basically given up all hope and perish. Are you imagining the brutality? This may help (Displaying Slides) My name is Tyla Lusk, and if there is only one thing you take away from this talk today, it is that animal testing is unethical and immoral. It is cruel. It is inexcusable. It is unacceptable. I would like to call on everyone in this room to act against the exploitation of these innocent animals within this industry in order to carry out research and produce cosmetic products that meet the needs of our community. Animals in facilities all over the world are still suffering due to these experiments, countless are dying just to please consumers with products such as mascara, perfume, and soaps. 

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They are using innocent hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and mice. Although monkeys and dogs are never used in cosmetic testing experiments, they are still used to test other harmful chemicals. These animals are suffering an endless horror, toxic chemicals forced down their throats, seeping into their eyes and onto their hairless skin, and then left to die. Humane Society International is determined to end this shameful truth of the beauty industry. #BeCrueltyFree is the world's largest campaign to raise awareness on cosmetic animal testing and is currently supported by 11 million people worldwide. The 2012 #BeCrueltyFree became a global campaign that was launched by Humane Society International to generate public awareness to eliminate cosmetic animal testing wherever it takes place in the world. According to the 2013 Nexus Research Poll, an overwhelming majority of 85 percent of Australians reject cosmetic testing on animals and 81 percent support a nationwide ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. The article entitled Catch Up Australia discusses how over 115 million animals are used worldwide every year for cosmetic testing. That is deplorable. In 2016 alone, nine million animals were tested on in Australia. Animal research has been branded as a 'necessary evil' by the public, but the nature of this method is being questioned. Scientists are now providing statements that animal use has become time-consuming and expensive and is not very efficient or successful in most cases. It may have even held back the development of human medicines and treatments because it didn't quite work well with animals. Animal testing in health science is highly ineffective and outdated. 

Many countries have recognised this and are making every effort to combine and share their knowledge and resources to introduce more humane methods of animal experimentation. Australia has now passed legislation banning the testing of certain types of cosmetic ingredients on animals from beginning in July 2020. That's not enough! All cosmetic testing and experimentation on animals must be eliminated in Australia. Why are we still excusing these cruel and barbaric behaviours in the 21st century? How can anyone of us put trust in such a disgraceful system that values our needs over the lives of innocent animals? I firmly believe that animal testing should be abolished because it violates the rights of innocent animals and causes pain and suffering beyond belief. Human beings can't justify improving their lives torturing and murdering millions of animals each year just to produce more cosmetic products. Animals should be treated with decency and kindness, and when animals are abused for selfish human benefit this right to decent treatment is not upheld. Human beings are animals too, after all. So here's my question for you all today, will you just sit there and watch this tragedy happen or will you take a stand with me. In reality, it's easier to help end animal testing than you think. Here are basic things you can do to help; make sure you always buy cruelty-free products, try and educate others as well as spread awareness, make small contributions to organisations like RSPCA, they're a non-profit organization, and all the proceeds go to animal protection. So what do you say? We could save so many innocent lives that the world has taken advantage of and make an everlasting difference!

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