Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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These days social media is effecting in every aspect of our lives and business. It's crazy that we get easily carried away on social media with the attention and interactions Social media has brought some very important positive effects in many areas such as employment and empowering, connecting sharing their minds and much more however at the same time, it also becomes the breeding ground for some destructive and unhealthy behaviors.

  1. It Makes Us Stay Connected
  2. The main purpose of all the social media sites out there has some kind of mission where they help connect friends and families Social media sites have help to connect with people not only your near and dear ones but also people all across the entire globe Basically, You can connect with people from all over the world just for free.

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  4. The internet never sleeps. No matter what the time is, you can always connect, share your thoughts. In times of crisis, this can truly be life-saving.

  5. Information Spreads Incredibly Fast
  6. Sometimes, traditional media are just slow to catch up with the ever-changing broadcasting of news. For example before even big mega news publisher like CNBC, FOX news, etc. even knew about it, with social media, it can spread like wildfire. Example: Breaking news, missing children, storm information, etc.

  7. Help Solve Crimes.
  8. This may come as a surprise but with social media, many criminals are arrested and cases were solved. The criminals post pictures of themselves engaging in illegal activities, or even bragging about the crimes they have committed. The law enforcement authority uses these sites to identify and solve cases.

  9. Brand Awareness
  10. Social Media also greatly impacts not only personally but also for business owners too. By taking the social media game seriously, many companies have made possible to put their brand name out there.

  11. Customer Acquisition & Sales
  12. Did you know that if done right, you can make great sales just by one post on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Yes, that's right. You can also deliver an improved customer service through social media instead of long boring emails.

  13. Lowest Cost Form Of Marketing
  14. To be honest, marketing is literally free. No sites will charge you for promoting your business on Facebook or Twitter. Even if you want to reach a bigger audience, their ad cost is not that expensive. That means the Barriers to entry are low.

  15. Promote Your content
  16. People normally tend to be curious about what they are getting into before putting in their card number. By having an amazing content which breaks down what the product is about and how it's gonna help step by step. People are gonna be more likely to buy after reading the content. But if your content remains there stagnant without promotion, it basically holds no value. That is why every business needs to have their content marketing strategy. The most common being sharing on their Social Media.

  17. Website traffic
  18. When people see your content or service on any of the social media sites, chances are they will be interested in your content because most of the social media sites algorithm shows content based on their interests, preferences, recent visits and much more. That means your content is shown on their page because they are interested in your niche. So, they are gonna probably click on it, which will lead them to your website, thus increasing your website traffic.

  19. Maintain Relationship With Customers
  20. Whenever there is any problem, Conversations on networks such as Twitter and Facebook are more personal and intimate compared to other types of communication


  1. Cyber Bullying
  2. This has been a major issue these days. Many people have even taken their own life because they cannot take it any longer. This happens especially with young kids but it doesn't mean it didn't occur to adults. Publicly harassing and posting mean comments are some examples of them.

  3. Addiction
  4. The addiction is not a myth, it's real. People becoming more and more addicted to social media is one of the growing Problems in today's world. It has caused havoc and troubles in school, work and home.

  5. Major Relationship Problems
  6. Social Media has been the causes of thousands of divorce, quarrels and relationship problems. Since it's very simple to communicate with a person on social media and keep it completely unknown It has been causing problems in real life relationships

  7. Spread Unreliable And False Information
  8. Anyone can literally create false news and can spread like wildfire. It can cause panic and cause severe troubles in society.

  9. Cut Out From Real Life
  10. Social media can also get you all hooked up and sometimes it can be really hard to recognize your social media habits as problematic. Addiction to social media can cut you out from the real world while you live in the digital world. It can cause loneliness, boring and much more.

  11. Hurts You Over
  12. Doing of anything is destructive! Spending too much time looking at your electronic Devices can excessively stress your eyes and it is definitely not good for you physically and mentally.

  13. Waste Your Time
  14. Social networking is supposed to be fun but by overusing, it can really affect your routine and time schedule. It has become a hurdle in your student, professional or personal life.

  15. Awkward situation
  16. On occasion, you share some photographs or recordings which you later believe were not suitable. Be that as it may, the harm is as of now done and you can't make a move. There are a few contacts in the rundown – your associates, companions, family, and so on. Your picture may be perceived differently by each of your friends on social networking sites. On the off chance, if they consider you to be a sensible person, they might be stunned to see a picture demonstrating your wild side.


Social media is a necessity and we have to accept it as an integral part of our lives and learn to live with it. Just remember to be careful and responsible.

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