Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Online


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Online education is a new way of studying in this 21st century era. In India it is in develop stage and is improving as internet is spreading to the mass. While in countries like USA, Australia, etc. Online education is not a new thing for them as it is used in their daily life from school to university. The students use laptops in their classrooms. Projectors are also there in the education institute by which the mentors teach the students. The learners can also sync what is shown in the projector screen using Wi-Fi technology in their laptops. Students also submit their assignments online.

In India projectors are used in top universities and coaching centres but laptops are not used for notes and homework like in abroad. Lag of usability, affordability and computer knowledge for the mass is an issue to be concern. Students in urban areas from well middle class and upper class people have and used computers and laptops from childhood. Whereas people from below middle class struggle in use of computers in initial stage because it’s not easy to learn and buy it.

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Government and companies should promote and make it easy for everyone that they can afford it. In this era of boom of IT sector it’s really important that most of the mass should know “How to use computers”. If this doesn’t happen then we are lagging in our education system, then other countries. Times have changed of doing work and we should not remain behind.

Education is not only thing lagging but our corporate world is also lagging. Visit any Government office apart from banks and see people are still using hard files for keeping data. When technology is so upgraded then why we are not upgrading. Haden we saved data in computer then the employee had accessed data in 2minutes rather than searching hundreds of files.

Many people in our workspace still don’t know “How to use computers” or “How to use internet”. Which clearly shows that not only we are lagging in education but even after getting education. We are still lagging in work space also. These reasons are becoming a barrier for progress of our nation.

Education is not only just a word it is life. From our childhood to our old age we will learn something new because there is no age to learn.

Implementing computers and internet to everyone. Will generate sound knowledge for everyone for using it. India will develop after this and we won’t be considered backward in technology terms in the eyes of other nations.

Even though there are lots of benefits of studying online there are limitations also. The advantages and disadvantages of studying online in my point of view are as follows: –


  • Knowledge of students won’t be limited only to textual language of books. Students will learn new things in the same topic. Every student will jot down new points while searching online. As it is not necessary that all students will search same thing and open same websites. This will expand knowledge of students which had been kept limited in books.
  • Students will visualise a particular chapter and understand how it can be used in real life. In online education students will see presentations in projectors and also be told to provide presentations in front of class. This not only improve a student’s knowledge in that chapter but also boost his/her confidence in stage.
  • This method of studying is also good for our environment. Plants won’t be cut for producing papers as in this system most work is done using electronic medium be it writing notes on laptop or reading E-books. Global warming is rising and we should adopt this to save our environment from destruction.


  • Studying online is expensive as setting up infrastructure is expensive for both institute and students. Setting online infrastructure would cost millions of rupees for an education place to set.
  • Online education requires stable internet connectivity always. If internet is not working, then at that point of time. You won’t be able to learn and study. This issue will be solved if proper infrastructure is set which doesn’t get disturbed by external means.
  • Proper training would be required for both mentor and students by which they would be aware of using online education. Providing computers and internet won’t alone make India developed or any country. Providing technology related literacy is a must.

Finally, I am concluding we have “Right to education” in our constitution as a right. If we are unable to develop due to Government, then I believe we should fight for our right. Tell the Government authorities we are lagging as a nation as whole and we want progress in a rapid rate.

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