Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking a Gap Year

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking A Gap Year

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 Senior year is a challenging year for many students. The work isn’t the only issue students face. Students are at an age, where responsibilities and making decisions are falling into play. One of those decisions is College. Applying first and then stressing about the acceptance letter coming in the mail. High Schools push that decision on students continuously. With all that said would you personally agree that taking a year break is good for students?

I didn’t think that I would go straight to college when I graduated. Although I knew I wanted to go to college to pursue my career. I wanted to work more, live a little, and take a break from all the school work which included time studying. All of my friends had a different path instead, they were diving right into college. My friend Bailey had her career all mapped out and she already had her plans in motion. I couldn’t wait around and watch my friends excel and begin their careers before me. So I decided when I graduated High School in June the following Fall I would begin the next chapter right here at Horry Georgetown Technical College.

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Students may choose to take a gap year simply because maybe they grew up in a strict environment. They may wanna have fun with friends and live life to the fullest before they start the real world. Students coming out of High School is more likely to be sluggish between homework, tests, quizzes, and studying. Taking a break would give them time to relax and that way they can enter college ready to learn. Working to afford a place to live in while trying to save money for college tuition. Imagining that would be difficult to overload themselves with a ton of responsibilities. By working helps you learn and interpret how to manage your finances. Students like to volunteer so they can do something good for the community. That’s not all their gaining, they’re showing others their hard work, their dedication, and gaining learning skills that could really come in handy in college and their workforce. Individuals may wanna go into the military after high school. That’s a noble choice. The military will grant them the opportunity to serve our country and to further their education that is paid for.

Which do you believe is the better choice. I believe taking a gap year is good for students reason of healthwise, financially and obtaining skills. Taking a year off doesn’t mean they’re not returning. If individuals wanna pursue their dreams and their career they will do what is necessary for that to happen. 

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