Advantages & Disadvantages of Usage Timber as Building Material


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Timber is a very known renewable resource and it can be found in many sustainably managed forests and plantations. It is a very light material and it is easy to work with for professional builders as it requires special equipment beyond the regular carpentry tools. The major downside to timber is that it manages to deteriorate over time and if it is not carefully looked after by staining, oiling or painting then it would deteriorate faster. Timber buildings are not well insulated but it could be perfectly fine if thermal insulation was installed between the external timber wall and the internal plasterwork.

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Due to the low load-bearing capability of timber walls, the roofs are usually made out of corrugated metal which is a non-renewable material which has a long life, but could be of poor performance as an insulator during peak times throughout the seasons such as really hot during summer and really cold during winter. Timber is exceptionally helpful as far as development as it could be made from a large number of various sorts of trees, anyway trees must be chopped down for this to occur.

Nonetheless, gratefully, trees can be planted instead of the ones felled which makes timber an inexhaustible development asset as long as we keep on replanting the trees. Notwithstanding that, timber is a natural heat and electrical insulator. This implies it gives very successful protection from power and extremely high temperature, timber is astonishing due to its awesome protecting properties and in light of the fact that it’s a natural material to use for roofs and wall covers. It manages to prevent heat from flee and it is exceptionally powerful at shielding you from electrical parts.

Finally, timber is a standout amongst the most creative development material that is promptly accessible, ready to be twisted into shapes, nailed together, dashed to another material, and is likewise an entire host of other imperative things. On that note, it is very easily storable and moveable, on account of its capacity to cut into shape. Moreover, it’s anything but difficult to keep up as you should just utilize oils to keep the wood solid, in any case, the most vital advantage, all things considered, is the manner by which timber is known for being significantly less expensive than other building materials making it a practical building material for any venture.

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