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Advantages Of a Revamped Medical Call Centre

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In an age where easy accessibility, quality of service, and overall cost of medical services are elements that patients factor-in while picking a healthcare facility, establishing a healthcare call-centre that is better than its traditional version is the need of the hour. Read on to get an idea of why your practice needs a call-centre with a new shine to help engage and retain your patients.

A new generation of hyper-connected, tech savvy people have taken over the world. This is a tribe that is well-informed thanks to a rich cache of dynamic information available to them at the click of a finger. They also demand seamless health-related assistance. Practices that offer high reachability are much more appealing to them. This need for higher connectivity and ease of operation can be fulfilled by a highly specialized medical call centre. Not just this, such a call centre is also helpful for physicians too.

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Here are some things that a call centre can do for you if you run a healthcare facility:

  1. Tells You What Your Patients Are Really Looking For – Healthcare specific call centres can act as effective collection points for insight-rich data. It is a well-researched theory that people who are otherwise tight-lipped may share more when they are interacting with an unknown yet reliable person on the phone. Utilizing this human tendency to gather honest feedback that can help you improve your processes to achieve higher patient satisfaction is something a good call centre can do for you.
  2. Eases Scheduling And Cancellation Woes- Traditionally a single receptionist or a small posse of them is given the responsibility of scheduling and managing appointments. Since these receptionists are also entrusted with other tasks, there is always scope for miscommunication and confusion leading not just to loss of revenue due to vacant cancelled slots but also a loss of credibility in the eyes of your patients. High-end call centres are adept at managing all kinds of eventualities when it comes to scheduling, therefore, eliminating chaos to a very high degree.
  3. Helps You Ascertain Insurance Eligibility Prior To Service – Settlement of patient debt after services have been rendered is a particularly tricky business especially in cases where insurance has run out. Call centre executives are trained to tackle such situations better by ascertaining the validity of insurance for services that are being ordered for patients.
  4. Accessibility – If you are a practice that is accessible 24*7 via the phone, email or a messaging system, then you instantly become more attractive to new and existing patients. Patients understandably feel more protected when they know that they can reach their healthcare facility at any time.
  5. Improves Patient Management Process – We live in an era of value-based reimbursements where the final outcome related to a patient’s health is what matters. It is, therefore, crucial to gear up to effectively manage activities like post-discharge follow-up and appointment reminders that support positive treatment results. A well-functioning outbound call centre can help you achieve a robust patient management strategy.

If setting up a call centre all by yourself sounds like a daunting task, then you can always turn towards an outsourced call centre service. Mirra Healthcare, a healthcare management company, offers ready to use, customizable call centre services that you can benefit from. Instead of spending the time, money, and effort in setting up an in-house call centre and taking on the complex task of overseeing its operations, it is a better idea to enlist a reputable and experienced partner like Mirra.


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