Advantages of a Well-Driven Asset and Facilities Manage Policy in the Town of Gold Coast

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Asset and facilities management

Asset and facilities management in the town of Gold Coast has led to the creation of a management plan that includes several stakeholders. Each one of them has a significant role that they have to plan to ensure the success of the program. These include the town’s council, a chief executive officer with the help of an executive leadership team, asset custodians, and corporate asset management branch. The council’s primary responsibility is to act as the oversight of the entire asset and facilities management team. It ensures that policies set are in order by either adopting or rejecting the various strategies. The council also considers development plans for the town and evaluates how viable they are. The chief executive officer leads the implementation of approved asset management policies, strategies, as well as improvement programs. He/she ensures that good asset and facilities management practices are adhered to. Asset custodians are the people in charge of specific facilities and assets. They give feedback on how the facilities and assets are running. They are tasked with the responsibility of providing correct information on what is required for the perfect running and output of the infrastructure. The corporate asset management branch develops the strategies and policies that are then considered by the CEO. All these work hands in hand to ensure they attain the primary objective of delivering excellent service to the people of Gold Coast community.

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The Gold Coast asset and facilities management plan seeks to ensure management of assets and infrastructure in a way that provides sustainability. The policy covers economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It ensures that all assets in the town work in a way that serves the population diligently by providing the best service possible, while at the same time protecting the environment from any harm. The policy ensures that the assets and facilities lead to the most productive and economically efficient service delivery. For example, the roads guarantee that there is ease of transport, which in turn translates to good business. Every single infrastructure in the town should be set in a way that ensures that every person, either resident or visitor, gets the best there is while still acknowledging the importance of protecting the environment (Smith, 2017). Keeping the residents happy is the principal result of having a management strategy that is well planned and executed. Sustainability ensures that the assets and facilities will be available not only to the current population but also to those of the future.

A well planned and executed management policies and strategies result in several advantages for the implementers. The town council, through policies and procedures, has ensured that the town’s aesthetic value grows day by day. This is one of the significant advantages of a well-driven asset and facilities manage policy. Through the policies and strategies, Gold Coast has grown to be a big part of the world’s heritage. The town has been rewarded with a chance to host major and international events, for example, the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. This brought revenue to the city through business as well as international recognition. Asset and facilities management is crucial as it allows a self-sustaining system that does not have to rely on external funding (Pärn, Edwards and Sing, 2017). Growth is also a result of a good layout and implemented strategy and policies. The need for more facilities with better services necessitates asset and facilities management.

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