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Advantages of Crm Marketing

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This approach means that every time the brands and companies that implement professional marketing strategies accumulate more and more data. Well structured and crossed data are key decision makers. The accumulated data and poorly managed to make us lose opportunities and income. It is very important to let the team know how the new system will benefit them and the organization, and all the advantages that it can offer them. We tell you the main advantages of reorienting our strategy to customer management:

Unification Of All The Databases Into One:

Little more than saying, we will be able to integrate the thousands of excel sheets that exist with data in the company. Now we will have a single homogenized database on which we can work.

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Data Analysis And Decision Making:

It allows us to cross and cross data to take solutions that are well oriented to the market. In addition to a single glance or click, we will have the information ordered and analyzed. In this sense we can launch an email marketing campaign to customers whose: Purchase annual average has been higher than 6,000 euros. Be women between 30 and 45 years old. Reside only in Malaga. Have 2 children. They have made their last purchase in the last month.

Segmentation Of Clients And Opportunities:

If we are introducing the correct information, the CRM will allow us to the segment in a thousand different ways. This will help us make our marketing actions more effective and efficient. We will also be able to detect real business opportunities and generate new ones based on the data collected and worked on. Some segmentation possibilities would be:

Depending on your location or place of residence.

For the type of marketing activities that I get (Social Ads, AdWords, Email Marketing).

Type of company

In which phase of our purchase funnel that leads has been “caught”.

By age or volume of purchases or number of purchases made throughout its life cycle.

Recover lost opportunities. Maybe now is the right time to impact the potential client again.

CRM And Email Marketing Are Very Good Friends:

What to tell you, they integrate perfectly and complement one another. Get the most out of your email marketing campaigns by crossing data and more data?

Multi-Device And Multi-Platform:

CRM in the cloud and online platforms are accessible from any device and anywhere. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for the commercial team, for distributors or franchisees and for all company personnel.

Greater Control Of The Life Cycle Of The Client:

This last point is key. We ask you, do you really know the life cycle of your client? Do you know what the total average purchase is? How long is it with you? What kind of upselling or cross selling will you do? All these questions have a solution with a Customer Relationship Management.


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