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Adventure Sports to Do Around The World

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Are you a fan of sports, discoveries, the outdoors and adventures? These 10 sports activities will make you see the world in a very special way!

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1. Climbing, Krabi, Thailand

Climbing as on the postcards, it is in Krabi that it happens. This place is renowned for being one of the best climbing sites in the world with its great lanes, stalactites and the opportunity to jump into the turquoise water once at the top. Climbing just as hallucinatory as it is demanding.

2. BASE Jump, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Instead of jumping from a running aircraft, the BASE Jump offers to do so from fixed objects. So why not do it from the top of Menara Kuala Lumpur (also called Tour KL) which rises to 421 meters! This is the place where every year the BASE Jump World Competition takes place in which jumpers are evaluated for accuracy.

3. Hiking on the Larapinta Trail, Australia

The Larapinta Trail cuts across the vast expanses of central Australia. Red cliffs and steep ridges mingle with quiet oases. On foot, it takes a fortnight to cover the 223 kilometers of trails, but the desert landscapes, arid plains, gorges and mountains are certainly worth the candle.

4. Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah, United States

Ride your mountain bike and go on the Slickrock Bike Trail to discover sandstone peaks over 20 kilometers.

5. Kayak in Glacier Bay, Alaska, United States

Glacier Bay National Park, a World Heritage Site, can be found peacefully on a sea kayak. A dozen glaciers, icebergs and camping-friendly beaches are on the menu.

6. Haute Route in skiing, France and Switzerland

If you are in great shape and want to discover one of the most beautiful ski adventures in the world, make the way to the Haute Route ski. If it will take a week to travel the 140 kilometers between Chamonix and Zermatt, 20 glaciers and the most beautiful peaks in the Alps will help you forget your tiredness.

7. Swim with orcas, Norway

In the town of Tysfjord, the less cautious divers will have the chance to come and see killer whales there and take home three times a year to hunt herring. If the icy waters of the Arctic give you goosebumps, it is always possible to rent a kayak and go paddling among cetaceans.

8. Bungee jumping, Switzerland

At a height of 220 meters, the Contra dam is located in the Verzasca valley. Come make yourself like James Bond in the Golden Eye movie and drop head first of this gargantuan barrage during a fall that will last 7.5 seconds.

9. North Cape Bike in Gibraltar, Europe

From Northern Cape (Norway) to Gibraltar (Spain), it is 5,000 kilometers from the northernmost point of Europe to the southernmost point. A thrilling and demanding journey that will make you pedal through Swedish forests, German lands, the Ardennes, the Costa del Sol and finally the legendary rock of Gibraltar.

10. Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

The Torres del Paine are a series of three granite peaks that rise to more than 2,000 meters above the Patagonian steppe.The classic circuit, called “W”, leaves from Laguna Amargua and climbs up to the point of view located just below the peaks. It can be done in 6 days.


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