Advertisement Analysis: Target Audience Segments


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The attractive targets are those segments, that have strong sales and growth potential, are relatively inexpensive to reach with marketing efforts, are currently being served by few or weak competitors, and have needs and desires that your company’s resources are well suited to satisfy. (Dibb, 1999)

Generation Sneed or the Digital natives are born in the Digital World with complete technology of computers, mobile phones, gaming devices, and the internet (Westlund, 2010). This group has been exposed to an extraordinary amount of technological innovation during their upbringing. According to a US study made by Sparks and Honey in 2015, about three-quarters of teenagers between the age of 13-17 use their cell phones daily, more than they watch TV.

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Hence, the most appropriate medium of transmission for the targeted group of this brand is the internet. The graphical interface that the Web can create between the company and its customers promotes its use as a medium of marketing communication. (Sassi, 2001)

The audience reach of each mass media vehicle has shrunk and this trend is evident all over the world as TV viewing figures and hard-copy newspaper sales plummet. (Hackley, 2018) The effectiveness of such digital engagement programs is usually assessed with social media engagement with a newspaper is predictive of consumer behavior and engagement with TV programs is predictive of evaluations of embedded advertising (Malthouse, 2016) The experiences comprising social media engagement are defined as the emotional, intuitive experiences (Bronner, 2006)

As the main advantage of the brand is to document and stream concerts, hence the chosen time of the year is before the Summer Festival season. The advert would first air in April which would help to collect and attract more audience. There are different vehicles through which it’s possible to reach the targeted group. The chosen medium channels and vehicles for promoting F.O.M.O (in short) are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook advertisements. Although due to the restriction of this essay the main aim is given to the YouTube Advertisements and Instagram Story Ads.

Social media platforms are an amazing tool for brand awareness, product launch, and also audience engagement. YouTube advertisements are a unique group that can attract massive audiences. This venue gets over 1 billion views per day hence has big advertising potential and the ability to use cookies to target groups based on the search history. This makes the market to be very limited and it helps to ensure that the advertisement is seen by the right audience. There are several types of advertising which can appear on YouTube throughout watching a video. The chosen times for each streaming of advertisement have been chosen by analyzing the viewing history of users.

The selected format is Skippable video Ads. This platform layout can reach a much broader audience as it can be streamed on all gadgets. As this setup is very popular the days to stream are Thursday and Friday from 6 pm-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am -11 am and 3 pm-8 pm. These times were chosen due to the higher activity of users.

The second chosen platform is Instagram story advertisement. This type is top on the Instagram stories themselves. As they are full-screen and in a vertical position it makes it much more interesting for the viewer to see and get the feel of the brand itself. As per Statista, the number of daily active users of Instagram stories by January 2019 has reached up to 500 million daily users and the distribution of users aged between 18-24 is 32%. This offers us to target our audience on a much higher scale and make communication with customers much easier.  

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