Advertising as One of the Most Important Promotional Tools


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There is no doubt that advertising is one of the most important promotional tool. We will use various advertising mediums in order to induce our customers to purchase our products. So for advertising purpose we will be focusing on mediums like:

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1. Broadcast Media: It will consists of Television ads (TVC) mostly. We will be using slice of life strategy for our TVC. In our TVC we will be showing that sometimes due to high prices some people/households cannot buy their dream furniture’s or desired one’s and sometimes even if they buy by paying high prices that cannot ensure durability so IKEA Bangladesh will work as a solution to the problem by providing excellent quality products and obviously excellent designed products at an affordable price which will bring happiness for those people. We will also advertise through radio like radio foorti, radio amar etc.

2. Print Media: For print media we will use be advertising through leaflets. Lifestyle magazines, business magazines and newspaper ads. We will focus on informative ads here.

3. Display Advertising: As part of display advertisement we will be using billboard ads. The billboard ads will be displayed at the most crowd places like near shopping malls.

4. Internet and Digital Media: This is another most important platform for advertisement. We will be using:

Facebook: We will have our own Facebook page. All kinds of our product details and ads will be published here. We will try to give instant replies to customer queries Facebook will help to reach a good number of audience.

YouTube: We will have our own YouTube channel where we will be uploading videos (TVC’) of our products and also demonstration strategy will be used for some products like we will be showing the usage/benefits of some products specially kitchen appliances. Besides we will post ads in some popular YouTube channel of Bangladesh like 10minute school.

Website: In our website every kind of product related information will be available.

Sales Promotion: We also will use sales promotion as part of our advertising medium. Here we will be focusing on:

1. Coupons: IKEA will be giving discount coupon to the buyers during sales promotion period which can be used for the next purchase.

2. Sales: During special occasions like Eid or Pohela Baishakh IKEA will be giving discounts for each purchase.

3. Premium: Consumers will receive gifts once they purchase a product from IKEA. It can be a watch, calendar, mugs etc. It will make the customers happy.

Public Relation: As part of our public relation we will make news coverage of our business events related to product launch or any other activity. We will be dealing with negative reviews online in such a humble way to make our customers feel that we care for them. IKEA product will be environment freely too.

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