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Advertising Ethics, Network Ethics and Information Ethics in Media Morals

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The discourse of morals and ethics in media morals is basically based on the over issues. For media freedom and its social responsibility, Chen Chao Nan and other researchers accept that freedom of discourse and communication is the correct meaning of freedom as a symbol of modern civilization, and may be a principal rule of journalistic ethics. It is reliable with the essential spirit of the provisions of the “International Journalism Moral Creed” declared by the United Nations. However, as the phenomenon of the mishandle of media freedom within the communication industry has ended up more genuine, the social responsibility theory as an adjustment of liberalism has started to rise. In China’s media industry, most of the media’s social responsibility is caught on as “responsible to the society and responsible to the masses.”

The most fundamental criterion is to advance the advancement of socialist productivity. Its particular criteria are conducive to improving the ideological and moral quality of the entire Chinese country, logical and social literacy. A few people also talk about the social responsibility of the media within the form of emphasizing “social benefits”. The “China Journalists Professional Ethics Code” proposes to “put social benefits first. Beneath this essential premise, accomplish the unification of economic and social benefits.” Chen Chao Nan summarized the social responsibility theory of the media as freedom is the combination of rights and commitments. He believes that freedom of the press frees the power of speech and distribution from the feudal aristocracy. The social responsibility theory liberates the old concept of press freedom from the enchantment of common rights, and brings the freedom of the news back to the beginning point of understanding moral rights and re-examines it.

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Then, for value and conflict of intrigued, the substance of media ethics lies within the discussion of a value related to media value, social value and cultural value. The value conflict of the media is basically showed within the conflict between the standards of the media itself and the common “goodness” of the society. Liu Hong pointed out within the “Market Countermeasures of Chinese Media” that the double status of economic income workers and public opinion pioneers after the marketization of the media is the root of the social responsibility problem of the media. The personality of economic income workers and the shift within the picture of the audience-centred business reasoning compared to the personality of a single public opinion pioneer. The sense of social responsibility of the media has been uninterested. One of the most scholars’ concern is that this alter within the media just caters to the common tendency of the audience. The media and the world have deconstructed the traditional morality. The society has generally misplaced its ethical direction, which is the foremost extreme feedback of modern media. For intemperate sexual and violent exposure, most researchers accept that. This is often the manifestation of the secularization and vulgarization of the media.

The ethical feedback of the mass media is concentrated in this portion, but the investigate on this issue is scattered in media investigate, especially TV theory. Li Lun and other researchers particularly studied the phenomenon of sexual and savagery within the network, pointing out that its negative affect on youthful individuals may be a problem that’s particularly commendable of public concern. How the media self-discipline and how to set up their own value standards and practice mechanisms has become increasingly critical.

In conclusion, we cannot essentially conclude the nature of any kind of social impact on the media. The mass media could be a powerful social information framework that has developed along with the development of communication technology. At the same time of we thinking about the positive of the mass media on human creatures, we must have a certain understanding of its negative affect, avoid it early, minimize the negative affect as much as conceivable, and empower the media to play a more dynamic part in advancing social advance.


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