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Aesthetic Functionalism in the R Building

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When it comes to aesthetic functionalism, the value is decided completely by its practical function. (Hansson, “Aesthetic Functionalism). The functionalists would believe aesthetic value can be reduced to functionality. There are indeed discussions that in contrast, proponents of pure formalism have argued that function and aesthetic value are completely free of each other. Although, the art can be best under the category with respect to a sort of aesthetic dualism. Both formal and functional art aspects are evaluated. The aesthetic judgment can be about the objects and its descriptions under practical function. Others also refer to it as a physical appearance sometimes. Although I do not possess an item that is aesthetically valuable, I have encountered an everyday object, matter in fact, a building that does fit under this importance. This building is named after Catherine Robbins and it is mainly referred to as the R building at Pasadena City College.

I honestly would have not considered the R building to be either aesthetically pleasing or aesthetically valuable for many reasons. Since I have arrived at the college, I tend to see myself in this building most the time I am ever there. The same classes of subjects that I have there is mathematics, business, and economics as they all relate to me as I major in business administration. The R building is my second home when it comes to college but, this home has been facing serious issues. In my time, inside and out the building I always see the negative looks of what this building offers. Since I always have morning classes, I arrive at the building right before it’s maintenance from the janitors begins. In that time, I’ve seen graffiti on the bathroom walls, cockroaches crawling their way in and out of classes, dirty carpet stains, dirty desks, horrific smells coming from both gender bathrooms, food and trash remains left all around the building, the list goes on as you can name it and it will be there. The only thing that I have yet to see in this building all around, is being spotless clean on a regulatory basis. It Is completely rare when one sees the R building looking brand new from the inside. Lastly, the building is an old, paint peeling, and a poorly simple building design with uneven floors. When it comes to its architecture, the R building does not live up to one’s potential of expecting a masterpiece. The building and rooms itself are made with no creativity of the mind.

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It was not until I noticed that the R building can be viewed as a diverse building. From my point of knowledge, I noticed that on the first floor on the R building is where the economics and business classes are in session. The second floor of the R building is where computer and science classes takes place. The third and fourth floor of the R building is mainly focused on math and as well special classes for first year college students. Finally, the fifth floor is where the nursing program is. To start, the simple diversity of the R building holds beauty. With its respect to ability in fulfilling a function of both cultural and social, it can still be considered aesthetically rare in value. Students of all background of any kind have the opportunity to take classes in the R building and it shows that these students end up having a connection with the building. It is culture and society that fulfils the R building to many social changes. These changes create future careers for these students in economics, business, mathematics, and medical field relations. The aesthetic value of the R building brings respect to functionalist principles. The value in arts ability is identified by the principle to fulfil cultural and/or social roles.

The R building is a reflection of the values of our culture as well. Even if the R building is not at its perfect conditions, it demonstrates the community college ideal of education with minimal expense. A place that the R building holds were this center represents great value of Pasadena City College is the Pathways center. It provides a location for people to study, to fully immerse themselves in their works, talk to counselors for guidance of any kind, and as well to connect with other students to make a society as one. Everyone learns something new and makes sure we all get the same amount of treatment in opportunities. We are all treated the same, they make sure we understand each other, and “no one is left behind.” Out of the eight aesthetic principles, aesthetic reasoning is one that shows the R building is a valid way in using aesthetic reasoning. (Moore, “Critical Thinking”). Even if the overall appearance of the R building is not pleasing at all, the value in culture is the environment in learning. It is a great representation in aesthetic value as it demonstrates a high class of art. This demonstrates that although something that is not necessarily beautiful or pleasing to the eye, it can be valued by and make of a great society into one. Art can forever be in many ways due to its representation with society. It demonstrates a complete function as an aesthetic value because it shows its value within the greater world of societies.

Aesthetic value shows usefulness in the theory of mind, emotion, and philosophy. Although it is not reduced to neither a practical function or entirely independent, it can be seen in many object such as the R building. Even without its beauty, the R building has a place in society and evaluations in functionalist aesthetic values. This often can lead to denial of the material artwork that is essential to it. This aesthetic functionalism is opposed to aesthetic formalism, the way of understanding the fact that the works of art may have many of both non-aesthetic and aesthetic functions that are essential to them. The world is viewed in a whole new way in which beauty can be both beneficial and implicated into one.


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