African American Hardships

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In the clip (Many Rivers to Cross) it talks how America would not have had a popular culture with African American (Blacks). African American took every they faced and turn it into a positive manner and made life / society better. Blacks basically redefine a real American dream. As Blacks we can really say we started from nothing and we turned our nothing into somethings in spite our hardships placed on us by White Englishmen. The clips almost talk about how a third of African slaves died because they were not used to new diseases and the living conditions. It also talked about how slaves were punished if they were to run away. They did mention a Lady name Pricilla, a slave who family survive through generation at a time.

Slaves basically build the Americans today. But it something that the Whiteman could take away and it was their culture. One of the excerpts was based on Olaudah and the journey of him being captured. Olaudah Equiano explains in details the depicts of being captured and oppressed. At some point, when every one of his kin were gone out to their fills in obviously, and just his sister and him were responsible for looking after the house. Two men and a lady surrounded their house and took both. His sister and him were isolated and placed in the hands of a slave merchant who provided the Atlantic slave ships. A half year later he ended up on board a slave transport. In the second excerpts, Olaudah talks about the Middle passage and all the hardships that him and other slaves faced. Finally, when the ship they arrived; the slave merchant put all of them on the ship in cargos. They made prepared with numerous dreadful commotions.

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The smell of the hold while traveling the coast was unbearable. From the closeness of how they were placed to and the warmth of the atmosphere and not to mention how over compacted the ship was. It was crowded to the point that each had barely space to turn themselves, relatively choking out them. This created bounteous perspiration, so the air before long ended up unfit for breath, from an assortment of evil scents, and expedited a disorder among the slaves, of which numerous kicked the bucket. According to the Virtual Jamestown and Virginia Statutes relating to slavery, was a breakdown of slave codes law Negro men and women had to beware of. For example, December 1662-ACT XII. Negro women’s children to serve according to the condition of the mother. As of December 1662, the offspring of a subjugated mother was additionally a slave forever. The statute which comes from the English tradition, says that the child/ children will take the status from his or her dad. Individuals from the General Get together additionally trusted that an expanded fine would debilitate white people from having sexual accomplices who were African or of African plunge. While a few questions have emerged whether kids who father an Englishman and mother was, a negro lady ought to be slave or free. It was said that all kids born in this nation will be held bond or free just as indicated by the state of the mother, and that if any Christian will submit sex with a negro man or lady, he or she would pay twofold the fines forced by the previous demonstration. Another example, September 1668-ACT VII.

Which stated that Negro ladies was not exempted from taxes. The entry of this law shows that lawmakers chose that English ladies and free dark ladies were to be dealt with in an unexpected way. The installment of a tithe was a money related weight and a sign that free dark ladies made an alternate commitment to the state in view of their agrarian work. This is the primary reference to free blacks in the statutes. While a few questions, have emerged whether negro ladies set free were still to be went with tillable as indicated by a previous demonstration, It is proclaimed by this excellent get together that negro ladies, however allowed to make the most of their flexibility yet should not in all regards to be admitted to a full realization of the exceptions and polluting influences of the English, are as yet at risk to installment of expenses. In conclusion, after reading and looking at videos of how African American faced all those hardships and still a manages to still be inspiring, and in today’s world powerful and innovative is amazing to me. My writing this break down talks about what all African American people had to face to get where we are today. It talks about for along time we were mistreated, beaten, and had to follow uncivil/ unequal laws that were set in place by the Englishmen. I feel African American people have a story to tell for life because we know what it really means to start from the bottom (slavery) and rise to the top (i. e. President Obama).


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