Against the Dress Code: Students Protest

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Some schools have a dress code there are some of the things that girls can’t wear or have showing. No upper back showering. No shirts exposing shoulders and/or backs and/or midriffs and/or collar bones and/or parts of legs, e.g upper thigh (spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, v-necks, ripped jeans, short shorts). Any outfits with these clothing items are judged as inappropriate as people believe that it could distract boys. Some schools in America also don’t allow shorts to be worn unless they are longer than the student’s fingertips when they have their arms at their side.

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But do to the fact that people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it can be hard to find clothes that fit both the student and the dress code. Some people may have really short arms and think that their shorts are fine because they are longer than their fingertips but most teachers will still disagree with them wearing the shorts and force them to change and/or leave class. There was a story about a girl named Lauren Wiggins, A 17-year-old Canadian, who was five feet seven inches and had really long fingers, The school judged that her shorts were inappropriate and she had to wear boy’s gym shorts that had never been washed before to have the right to go back to class. The year before, a teacher also told Catherine’s daughter, that she couldn’t wear yoga pants in gym class because the boy’s couldn’t control themselves. However, the school never thought that Catherine would write about her experience. Online she wrote an article inviting the principal to go shopping with her daughter. Doing this was not to easy for him because he would need to find some clothes that were not to expensive, were available in stores, suited her own personal style and met the dress code requirements. The Mother had previously tried and found herself unsuccessful with finding something that followed all of the rules.

Usually, The dress code is unfair for only girls who are treated like objects by being told to cover themselves to not become a distraction to their male classmates. Now here are some of the things that boys can’t wear or have showing. At california’s buchanan high school, the boys were not pleased to hear that wearing earrings and having long hair were unacceptable according to the new dress code. They thought that it was unfair as girls have the right to do that. The boys responded to this by wearing dresses and skirts even though that the dress code implied that only young woman should wear skirts and dresses. The girls decided to put on male button-down dress shirts to school. They just switched the gender norms for clothing. At Mystic Valley Regional Charter School they don’t allow both male and female students from wearing traditional hairstyles. Braids are known as a traditional hairstyle for African people. Unfortunately at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, African people should ignore their origins and wear another hairstyle. If students refuse to do so they will be punished. Twin sisters Deanna and Mya Cook had to serve numerous detentions they were banned from participating in many activities and even almost got suspension because they were wearing box braids. According to their schools dress code braids extensions are not allowed. The school interim director, Alexander Dan, said that their policy is to minimize fashion expenses for families whose children attend the school. As it costs a lot off money, He thinks that students should focus more on education than style, fashion and materialism. But the girls think that the dress code is simply racist. The girls said that braids give them pride, and they want to partake in their culture, but they are not allowed to do so. Colouring your hair is not allowed in school either, but many white kids dye their hair anyway, and no one seems to have any problem with that. Even though their mother, Colleen Cook, loves the very high academic level of the school, she says that they should be more open to diversity.  

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