Age of Responsibility: What It is


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Well, I sure have and I’m sure that most of you all have been told the same thing. Unless your parents don’t tell you that stuff which is fine too…I guess. Anyway, I am going to be talking to you about responsibility, why you should be responsible, how you can be responsible and all of that other boring stuff my parents used to tell me about that turned out to be true and very helpful in my life so far.

Now, I would hope that most of you know what responsibility is and some ways to be responsible, but I am going to tell you all anyway. Responsibility is one of the traits of our character which means that a person can respond to his or her actions, can take some duties, and face certain consequences of the actions that may occur. For example, helping your parents fold the laundry without being asked. Or getting your homework done without being prompted and helping people you know with things that may be considered work.

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I’m sure almost if not all of you have heard the phrase “You are so irresponsible!!”. Let’s talk about that for a little bit you can either be a responsible person or an irresponsible person. An irresponsible person probably won’t do things like chores and they won’t do their homework and get projects done on time and they just don’t really care about those things.

Being responsible can be important in many ways from helping you in school all the way until you have a job. Being responsible can help you in a job because you are going to get your work done and you are going to be a trustworthy employee and your boss is going to trust you to do things that your boss would not want you doing if you weren’t responsible. When you are responsible people will also trust you more and treat you like you can be trusted which will make you feel good unless you are that type of person that has no emotions and doesn’t feel things like pride…you should talk to someone about that by the way. Anyway, being responsible will help you all your life.

Being responsible is not just with work, school, or at home, it can be anywhere such as at the store you can help your parent or whoever you are at the store with by carrying the grocery bags. People really appreciate it when you are responsible because that makes them know that they can trust you and they will start to let you do more things because you are going to be more trustworthy. And I’m not saying that your parents are going to let you do whatever you want and think you are the most responsible kid in the world because you helped carry the grocery bags one time, no, but if you help a lot around the house and at the store your parents might decide that you deserve and can be trusted to do something that you don’t get to do a lot.

Now I’m sure that some of you are thinking “Well, I don’t want to help my parents or do my homework. I want to be payin’ fortnight and hanging out with my friends or sleeping.” but whenever you feel like that all you need to do is think about how nice it will be once all of your homework is done or how nice you will feel after helping your parents. Most people feel nice and happy about helping someone right? If you are not one of those people may I just say…. Are you okay? Is everything okay at home? Do you need some help? I’m not kidding okay, get some help.

Being responsible at a young age can help you as you get older because you are going to take those habits with you and keep doing things that show responsibility so not only will you be a responsible student but you will also be a very trustworthy person and people are going to treat you with respect.   

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