Overview of Agile Working Method: Embracing Flexibility

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The world is changing tremendously and this is because of the change in the lifestyle and work style of the people and invention, innovation, and technology are the main drivers of these changes. Technology has not only changed the way we work but it has also changed the place of work (physical place). Technology has redefined the whole working of the organisations and gives birth to the concept LIKE Agile Workingwhich is not onlylimited to working remotely or part time but include the work which focuses on performance outcome and efficiency. A nimble association has many preferred standpoint it builds efficiency, enable the worker encourage development and incite working Improve business progression – less interruption because of climate, office security issues, travel issues and so forth increment Personal profitability – less diversions, enhanced center, focus, innovativeness, better utilization of abilities and less dissatisfaction connected to less obstructions and aides in Improved work life balance this aggregate gives upper hand to an organisation.

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SoAgile working is a method for working in an organisation which enable its employeesto work where, when and how theypick – with greatest flexibilityand least imperatives – to enhance their potentialand convey “best in class ” esteem and client benefit. It utilizesIT and communication to empower individuals to work ina manner which best suit their necessities without the conventional restrictions of where and when errands must be done. It depends on the idea that work is a taskwe do, as opposed to a place we go. With the innovation accessible to present day business, there are various apparatuses to enable us to work in new and distinctive courses, to address client issues, lessen costs, increment profitability and enhance manageability. Agile working is a transformational apparatus to enable associations to work more intelligent by taking out all boundaries to working effectively.

You might be getting confused in agile working and flexible working, is it same or different? The answer to above question is thatagile working may take include flexible working practices but the motives are different. Flexible working is taken as a advantagefor the employee and it was designed usually to help an employee so that he can balance work and home life. It only includes the changes related to working time location and patterns. But Agile working is more than this itbased on the complete flexibility of work to drive long-term organisational success.

Moreover it has valuefor both the employee and employer Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn professor of design at the Royal College of Art, believes“You can work anywhere with the right technology. ” Myerson believes that organizations have to get three elements right in the workplace: people; place and technology. “Organizations are trying to reconcile two different points: giving people a sense of empowerment and at the same time, there is the physical appeal of belonging to a group”.The latter is breaking down because people are working in more flexible ways. Finally agility isan organization’s capacity to envision, sense and react to instability in its business sectors in manners that make upper hand basic recipe: Agility = flexibility + speed + execution.

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