Agricultural Waste and Its Effect to the Atmosphere

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The Philippines is known for being a rich country in terms of natural resources and for exporting agricultural products internationally. It was a big asset of the Philippines in terms of production. It has a lot of lands are being cultivated by Filipino farmers, mostly this is their source of income. In order for them to have a better quality of product, they used two kinds of fertilizers and it can be an organic or a chemical-based. It is for the healthy growth of plants and for plants to grow faster. Before, they limit the use of chemical in farming because this is quite expensive and they preferred the organic. Due to industrialization, they continues using a chemical-based fertilizers.

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They used this kind of fertilizer because it has a substances that gives nutrients which is the basic need for plants to able to grow healthy. These wastes can be converted into another raw material. But if we see the other side, it may be an advantage to them but it can also have a long term disadvantage not only them but also to us. On the other hand, source of agricultural waste such as chemical fertilizer and animal manure contains a harmful elements that release and form a gas like ammonia and which is bad for the air. Once it is combined with air, it will turn into a toxic gaseous which result a possibility in increasing the pollution in air which is bad for our atmosphere. This issues is serious and need an action to prevent the worst.

Since Philippine is focused on agriculture because it helps in the development of economy through exporting of products. Also, the population is rising and it is result to the high demand of foods. Farmers preferred to use chemical fertilizer rather than organic fertilizer because they wanted to see the fast effect of it on their crops while organic fertilizer takes time to fully affect the crops. In this way they have the chance to harvest a lot and earn. That’s why they choose chemical fertilizer over the organic. Despite of this, organic fertilizer use natural sources this mean that the gas release by this is lower rather than chemical that undergo a chemical process which has a high possibility in releasing a toxic gas. 

Excess gas use in fertilizer can contribute to the greenhouse gases and it will affect the atmosphere . One more thing is the improper waste disposal, this is the reason why it’s harm to expose to another gas. Burning crops is the common process to dispose agricultural waste and this will lead to a global warming and ozone depletion that is alarming to all of us. The global warming caused by air pollution is one of the main problems nowadays and agricultural waste is one of the common contributor of air pollution because of the depletion of the ozone layer climate change occurs affecting peoples life and way of living. Air pollution also affects the quality of air that inhaled or absorbed by all living things. To further improve this study, the plan I want to accomplish is to find an alternative solution to the problem. As we know, global warming is getting worse as a time goes by. 

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