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Prediction of Agriculture

America is a growing economy. When we look at the current developments made by the country, we can say that in future we can have more advanced form of doing farming and we can see more innovative ideas to grow crops. Agriculture plays the most important role to feed the hunger of world. I am going to discuss the predictions which we can see in the coming 5 to 15 years.

Increase of Production

Food and agriculture organisation(FAO) gave the report in 2009 which proposed that by 2050 agriculture production will rise up to 70%. The factors responsible for this are population and income. (n.d.) World population is increasing at the rate of 1.09% per year and it is diverse (n.d.). So, in the coming years we can see different kinds of varieties of crops or products to satisfy the customer’s need. Another factor is income when income increases people can switch from grains to chicken, pork and beef.

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Health Consciousness

People all over the world are getting more health conscious. They are switching to corn, soybeans. Now they are aware the amount of nutrients or what contents are present in their food and how their health reacts to them.

Information Technology

Information technology has large impact on agriculture. It helps farmers with equipment for checking the soil quality, nutrients and minerals present in the soil, soil moisture level, soil fertility and porosity. In 2001 John Deere attach tractors and mobile machines to GPS so that they can easily find out anywhere on the earth. It was used to prevent the fields from covering twice and also to leave the patches. Also John Deere’s equipment are very accurate to grow seed 3 cm underneath earth in order to grow a plant with density control.

Gene Editing Boom

Scientists are working to create different varieties of different products to satisfy the diverse community. They are editing genes in the DNA of crops to how the crops react to drought conditions, how much is the oil content, what kind of diseases related to specific breeds. Scientists are working to make a better variety of crops. Syngenta. (n.d.).

Organic Farming

Organic farming is trending in America. Acres of organic farming are increasing by 10% over two years ago. Organic farming is the farming which is free from the pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. It helps to retain the fertility of soil and modify organisms. It is usually done to protect the environment from pollution and prevent the soil from erosion and degradation Best, J.


Agriculture sector is providing so many in various sectors. For example project engineer, process coordinator, technicians, labour, production manager. In the coming years when production will increase it will give employment to so many people.

Government Policies

Government is providing so many schemes and policies to empower the farmers. They are providing subsidies to farmers and also give them insurance to cover the risk.

Impact on Agriculture in Coming Years

Non Tariff Barriers

Non-tariff barriers will be the problem for America because EU and countries like china are the biggest importers of the American agricultural product. These countries may take the competitive advantage of those products which are made in bulk by America and exported to those countries.


Weeds, insects, pests can degrade the growth of agriculture products and the cost to control these is also very high. Scientists should focus on the increasing the benefit of using pesticides and decreasing their impact on environment and health of people.

Global Warming

Global warming has a very bad impact on agriculture products. It can restrict the growth of crops, health of livestock and degrade the soil fertility and it can also affect the varieties of crops and animals because some of them grow in the specific temperature.

Resource Scarcity

In coming year production will increase and due to this we will not have natural resources like water. Due to excess use of water, the water level may decrease. As a result, we will see inflation, the cost of products which is costly to make will be expensive.

Retaliatory Tariff

America put taxes on countries like Canada, Mexico, and EU on the export of agriculture products. As a betrayal these countries put tax on the America which affect their economy. Canada put 16.1 billion of tariff on America which was like slap on their face.


Increasing the amount of insecticides, weedicides, fertilizers can degrade the soil quality and it can also degrade the quality of products. For example, fruits, vegetables, wheat, corns etc.

Loss of Land for Agriculture

In coming years there may be scarcity for the land because of modernisation, infrastructure is improving day by day. Most of the land is used for shopping malls, cinema, and soccer fields etc. which can result in less land for the agriculture. Between 1992 and 2012 farmers of US lost 31 million acres.

Loss of Varieties

Because the cultivation cost of growing products in a bulk is cheap and there is a demand for those products like rice and corn. This will increase a problem of loosing the varieties of products and production of livestock.

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