Air Canada Company Review of Management and Marketing

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  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Value propositions
    Customer Relation
  • Channels
  • Customer Segments

Air Canada is a part of star alliance network, which is the first and the largest airline network in the world with five founding airlines- United Airlines, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways and Lufthansa and today Star Alliance has 28 member Airlines.

Air Canada has partnership with Touram limited doing business as Air Canada Vacations. Air Canada was in partnership with aeroplan miles program which is now replaced by PC optimum points which was effective since June 1 2018 at esso stations across the country.

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Air Canada has also signed an agreement with Amadeus to enhance customer service as well as business strategy, improve profitability and support its international growing network. Air Canada is partnered with Concur Triplink this allows the travellers the convienience of more choices, greater value and improved traveller tracking. Air Canada partner with biofuelnet Canada on biojet fuel which is one of the most promising ways to reduce aviation industry’s footprint.

Key activities

Air Canada offers amazing services like in flight entertainment like tv, games, movies, podcasts and music, wifi connection, preferred seats for economy class, high quality duty free products, cabins and on-board meals etc. Air Canada’s priority services lets the traveller experience an higher level of service. Providing priority services by class, priority check-ins, concierge service, priority boarding, priority security clearance etc.

Air Canada provides an exquisite experience by providing the travellers with pre bundle packages that lets the travellers to customize their vacations in Canada and Europe which includes hot deals like hotels, guided tours urban getaways etc.

Key resources

Value propositions

Air Canada was the first airline company in Canada to introduce mobile booking app and also was the first Canadian tour operator to offer free mobile app for vacations. It was the first North American airline that helped travellers to retrieve their electronic boarding passes, track flight information and also get notified real time.

International Economy flight travellers will enjoy wines and meals and hours of free entertainment in 8.9 inch touch screen TV. conveneint duty free shopping. Air Canada was named the top airline in the customer loyalty and was at its best financial performance ever in the history of 77 years. In spring 2016 boeing 777 was launched with a dream cabin making onboard wifi go international.

The loyalty program called aeroplan miles helps the travellers to collect miles which is a great save on the travellers pockets and can better be used for booking business class and first class , international flights, round trips etc. These loyalty programmes are now replaced with PC optimum points.

Customer Relation

Air Canada is taking huge leaps by using artificial intelligence to improve customers relationships in the marketing front and preparing contents and also in the back end operations. They have introduced voice queries, conversational interactions and chat bots to better help the customers. Air Canada makes it a lot easier for the customers by launching an AI called alexa skills helping the customers to check the fares, flight status confirmation, baggage information etc. In order to serve the customers better Air Canada has launched customer service plans for various flight disruptions and other issues the traveller may face in the air port or on board. To improve customers experience Air Canada centralized the customers critical information by implementing a new customer relation management software solution to centralized ts data.


Air Canada is technically advanced and has made its mark on virtual environment like mobile applications, online channels for search and booking irrespective of the platforms available. A good number of customers does an online research and finalize the booking online. A majority of leads are generated through direct online channels like proprietary websites etc and other ticket booking websites which works with air Canda.

Customer Segments

Air Canada charging premium price for the airlines hence focusing on the business class travellers. Nearly 70% of the business travellers needs are met. Air Canada has invested huge sum on different kinds of aircrafts for the people who needs to go to smaller comunities. Air Canada charging $200 to $400 within Canada which is way higher than westjest which is in the offers arounf $150 range.

Air Canada aims to be the leading airline by generating more profits the market place by providing world class service and experience to the customers and adopting cost reduction techniques. Air Canada had adopted a long term strategy emphasising on the international expansion,cost reduction and revenue growth.

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