Airbus - a Leader in Manufacture of Aircrafts


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Airbus is a global leader in manufacture of aircrafts and space related amenities. In 2017, it generated revenues of €69 billion and employed a workforce of around 135,000. Airbus offers the most ample range of private planes to passenger airlines from 150 to 650 seats. Airbus in the space sector is also a European forerunner providing automobile carriage, fighter aircraft, combat, big fighting tanker, as well as world’s number one planetary enterprise since 2005 and the second largest space business since 2008.

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In Choppers, Airbus provides the efficient military and civil rotor craft solutions globally. The employee work with appetite and willpower to make the world a more linked, safer and keener place. Taking conceit in our work, we draw on each other’s proficiency and knowledge to attain distinction. Airbus assortment and cooperation principles propel them to achieve the astonishing – on the ground, in the sky and in space.

When I reached the Saint-Nazaire Airbus plant, we were first checked for security reasons, and other major precautions were taken by the Airbus staff for smooth visiting experience for us. In Saint-Nazaire, in big workshops are accumulated, furnished and verified the front spears and central fuselages of the entire range of Airbus airplane.

The entire family is present here in Saint-Nazaire: A320s – still among the world’s best revenue generating airplane in the Europe – very large aircraft, A380s, A380 XWB and A350s. I have seen planes like nowhere else, at this key stage where they are assembled and fortified with their circuits. I was surprised at the sizes of the unit pieces of an A380, an A350XWB, and how they are assembled together by the plant engineers working on site, Airbus is truly building new great planes, which will future owners of aircraft.

The final assemblage of the aircraft is done in Toulouse or Hamburg, depending on the model of the Airbus aircrafts. Here, I got the unique opportunity to discover the planes before the dressing: the position of the rivets on a section, the setting up of windows, and the putting in place of the vital circuits in a cockpit of the aircraft.

It was also a great experience to see assembling and building up of Airbus main Aircraft A380. The A380’s higher deck spreads along the complete length of the fuselage. This allows for a cabin with 60% more base space and delivers seating for 555 people in usual three-class configuration. Airbus A380 aircraft used similar cockpit design, wings body design processes and treatment and planning characteristics to those of other Airbus aircrafts, to keep budget under control by reducing crew training costs.

Therefore, the A380 features a better glass cockpit and shows 16-by-22 cm liquid crystal displays, all of which are substantially alike and interchangeable. The A380 has cabins on the upper and lower decks, with 60% more ground space for 40% higher seating capacity. A three-class layout provides 555 seats. A typical upper deck layout provides 100 business and 110 economy-class seats. The lower deck provides 25 first-class seats and 350 economy-class seats.

I had also seen the huge Beluga cargo plane, which is famous by the name “flying whale”. It comes regularly to pick sections of Airbus aircraft to carriage them to Toulouse or Hamburg. Except, some of the elements of the A380, which are too big for the large hold of Beluga. The A380 sections is always transported through Saint-Nazaire by sea.

Overall this company visit was outstanding and we all did asked lots of questions and left with all the great answers and experience thanks to a great guide which was with us all the time and helped us understand the building up of an Airbus aircraft. It was a great experience to see what transport us through air and how it’s made in the plant with the help of highly skilled professionals who are working precisely to produce world class aircrafts.

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