Alexander Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Economy
  • Human Nature
  • Government
  • Conclusion


When dusts settled from the famous Revolutionary War, the new victorious nation need a government that can runt eh country well, better than King George could of. In that, two individuals rose with great political ideas that they didn’t know would leave such a mark on America. Those two historical figures were none other Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Both have their own forms of government and disliked the other’s perspective of said government. As an orphan at a young age, Alex’s town was hit by a hurricane. When he was given a quill and paper, he wrote about that hurricane that raged through his town. Impressed with his work, officials in New York sent for him. While being in the great city during the war, he impressed the famous General George Washington.

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Washington hired Hamilton as his right hand man. Alex made his way through the ranks of New York with charm and money. He was married to the wealthy daughter of Philip Schuyler, Elizabeth Schuyler. As for Thomas, he grew up in Virginia and had many talents such as riding, hunting, singing and dancing, He would carry a violin with him to many places. When he inherited his father’s land, he settled as a tobacco planter. He then went into politics.


One of the disagreements these two had were on ideal economy. Jefferson, growing up in Virginia, wanted the economy to based on agriculture, since it helped the South be so rich. Hamilton on the other hand disagrees with that, and I sort of agree with him as well. Over some of the seasons, such as winter, the crops might have a hard time growing, if not die, and if they don’t have anything else that would back up the economy – then that would cripple the economy. Alexander Hamilton wanted manufacturing to be the ideal economy. Which makes sense, and is one of the good ideas Hamilton has had.

Human Nature

They also had different views of human nature. While Jefferson believes in power to people, Hamilton states that all human beings are selfish beings. Jefferson says people who work in the fields or the those chosen by god are fit to run the country. While I don’t necessarily agree nor disagree with him, even of the best of people can give in to power and greed. Though I don’t agree or disagree with Hamilton either. He ways the wealthy, educated, or otherwise known as the best people, are fit to run the country. I believe that they should be educated at least, but not all wealthy people can make good decisions, and just like the statement with Jefferson, some people can become to greedy.


Their thoughts on how the government should be is very different as well. Hamilton believes that the government should be loose. He doesn’t want a system that gives too much power to the people. Jefferson though, he wants a small strict government, which gives people more freedom. I have no opinions about those twos.


Both very different people had a huge effect on our nation. They had different views on how our nation should be run, but the thing they have in common in is that they want the best for their country. In the end, Jefferson was favored more for ideas on running the nation than Alexander, but they both had good points. My thoughts on these two is that they should chill and be more friendly to each other.

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