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Aligato Is Changing The Face Of E-Commerce

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The global shopping system is gradually taking centre stage in the global economy. The cyber space had been helpful towards this and as it stands, the ecommerce/online shopping industry is touted to greatly improve by the end of 2021.

The success of this sector is attributable to consensus input from online shops, payment channels, producers, distributors and the end-user. These combined efforts had positioned the industry as one out of many sources of GDPs.

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The problem in the system emanates from delivery. The delivery system of the ecommerce industry is fraught with last-mile challenges. I recent times, drones had been used for deliveries. Despite this development, drones hardly exceed certain limits making it impossible to deliver products to far distances. Thanks to AI, chat bots had been integrated in some ecommerce sites to help users in their purchase.

Aligato’s Perceptive

Simply put, Aligato’s goal is on three areas that are the core pain points of online shopping. By integrating advanced AI, its users can make informed decisions for their preferred purchase. It also hopes to make deliveries faster by using high-distance drones. The other pain point – payment is solved by the integration of cryptographic currencies and its Altcoin.

Chain Technology to the Rescue

Soon after its development, the chain technology was not adopted as expected. In recent years, it had scaled its main target – the financial system and succeeded in making in-roads in other spheres. The ecommerce industry is to become of such use cases.

Aligato is bringing the block chain into the system with the aim of facilitating the process. There is existing fear among ecommerce users. Fear that ordered products might not be durable and cannot meet their pain points. Aligato breaks the barrier with its platform.

Users can confirm the specification of their desired product before placing an order. The distributed ledger technology on its platform stores your data and encrypts it from third-parties. Same way, you have the chance to access cheaper goods by making payments with its token or any cryptographic currency of your choice. The interoperability of the token allows for easy exchange to fiat and cryptographic currencies.

New Delivery System

The platform will be in tune with the latest drone delivery system. It however made some improvements. Aligato’s drone will be independent and will have transmission stations. These drones will be deployed in B2C and C2C operations. Aligato’s drones will be faster and heavier than traditional drones.

Amazing AI

The platform makes itself unique by using the best of AI. Just like traditional chat bots, Aligato’s AI will help you place your orders. If you however don’t need its service, it will still track your orders taking into account what you purchase. From this, it can make computations on your personality and your interests. In the future, it will facilitate sales because your behavior had already been observed and what you might be interested in will simply pop-up in your dashboard.

The other angle I like about Aligato’s AI is the payment process. The platform introduced a Pay via Eye (PvE) service. It confirms your identity by scanning your iris. It doesn’t end here. There is two-factor authentication mechanism that protects your payment. You will provide your Personal Identification Number or request for an SMS containing codes. It juts works like traditional One-Time Password (OTP).

Allocation of Tokens

Crowd-Sales/Investors: 70%

Team: 9%

Proof of Stake: 8%

Reserve: 5%

Advisors: 5%

Bounty: 3%

Token Specifications

Name: AligatoCoin

Symbol: ALC

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 100 million ALC

Soft Cap: 1 million ALC

Hard Cap: 70 million ALC

Exchange Rate: 1 ALC= $0.5 USD

Accepted Currencies: LTC, BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN, Fiat, ATB

Country: The United Kingdom

Participating: China and the USA



Ecommerce Savior

Aligato’s goal is to make online shopping as efficient as possible. In the same regard, it has utmost respect for users’ security as can be seen from the PvE mechanism. Adopting this project will be the best that has happened to the ecommerce industry in recent years.


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