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Traffic Congestion is a very critical issue that occurs on roads, which makes traffic very heavy and busy. It is a serious problem, and commuter’s face it every single day all around the world. Miami in particular is ranked number 10 for worst traffic congestion in the world. Billions of dollars have been spent, to try to end this dreadful problem, but in reality the issue is still occurring. Lucky for us the “All Aboard Florida Train Project” is here to help us with this horrendous problem that needs some serious fixing.

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The Nightmare of commuter’s in Miami

Can you imagine living in a city where you would have to wake up hours before to be able to make it on time to your job? Traffic congestion has been one of the fundamental problems faced by moderate cities such as Miami, but the “All Aboard Florida Train Project” has a solution for us. Today I will discuss the issues faced by drivers all around Miami, I will discuss the “All Aboard Florida Train Project”, and last but not least I will discuss how that association will change our driving lives and make it much easier for us.

Major issues Miami faces because of traffic congestion

The city of Miami is continually growing day by day, more people all around are choosing to move to Miami, which is the major reason we are facing these huge traffic jams in our city. Global research analysis ranked Miami as the fifth most congested city nationwide (Diaz,1). Study’s say that Miami commuter’s spent an average of 64 hours last year just in traffic jams (Diaz,1). The study also reports Miami to be the 10th most congested area globally (Diaz,1).

I will begin by discussing some of the major issues we face here in Miami due to heavy traffic. Many of the times while stuck in heavy traffic you are almost always bumper-to-bumper with other cars, which can lead to cause minimal damage car accidents that will have a much larger negative effect on traffic congestion than they normally should. Sometimes we may even experience bigger car accidents such as pileups in I-95 which will make traffic even more severe. Other factors create a more hazardous environment while driving such as construction areas or aggressive drivers.

Traffic in Miami has gotten to such a bad point, where people become very contentious and aggressive while under the wheel. This can lead to life threating issues such as car accidents or problems with other drivers. We always have to try to stay calm while in traffic because many different things can occur at that stage of combative rage. The most important issue commuter’s face due to traffic congestion is being late to our jobs. Either we want it or not we face being late every single day to our jobs if you don’t manage your time wisely. Here in Miami it is very important for commuters to manage their time correctly so they will arrive to their jobs at the appropriate time.

“All Aboard Florida Train Project”

The ‘All Aboard Florida Train Project” was developed by the Florida East Coast Industries in 2016 (Railway Tech,1). This high-speed train operates at speeds up to 125mph, which reduces the travel time between cities within less than 3 hours (Railway Tech,1). This magnificent project is dedicated on helping us make traffic in Miami much lighter. They are very devoted and committed on finding a solution to traffic congestion. This project will help the city of Miami in many different ways. Phase 1 of the project began in 2016 (Railway Tech,1). It connected Miami and West Palm Beach through Fort Lauderdale and utilized 195 miles of track which were previously owned by FECI between the cities of Miami and Cocoa (Railway Tech,1). Phase 2 of this establishing project occurred in 2017, by extending the high-speed line to the International Airport of Orlando, which made more than 40 new miles of track (Railway Tech, 1). Financing this private owned passenger rail project was not cheap. On the contrary this project cost nearly 3 Billion Dollars, which will later be met through 80% loan and 20% equity (Railway Tech, 1). Not only did this project promise less traffic, they also promised and made it their mission statement to open more than 10,000 jobs for people all around Florida. (Railway Tech, 1). Despite, this project’s amazing work so far, a lot of renovation is still missing to occur.

Life Today

This incredible project has changed our traffic congestion already by incredible numbers. We now see a lot of people who are traveling in those directions use the High-speed train. This project helps commuter’s in so many different ways. It helps commuters arrive on time to their jobs every single day, which is a great advantage for all commuters in Miami because without this project commuter will have to pay great attention to what time they would have to leave their house to arrive on time to their jobs. Sometimes that gets a bit complicated because some mornings theirs more traffic than others. That is why this project is a huge advantage for commuters and will help us all arrive in a timely matter to the appropriate places.

This train has been a colossal accomplishment and has made enormous progress since it first began. This train will soon make railroads throughout the whole city of Miami which will be a tremendous advantage for everyone living in the city of Miami. Our traffic will decrease enormously, and hopefully there would be less traffic jams throughout the city. In order for our traffic to decrease to s minimum we would have to start participating and taking the train more often when we need to get to our locations.

In conclusion, we have talked about the problems commuters face on a daily basis here in Miami. We have also spoken about the “All Aboard Florida High-speed Rail Project”, and last but not least we talked about life after the Florida Rail Project. In order to see this project, flourish to its full capacity we would have to put in our part and help out as well. We need to start riding the train at least once in a while to help the traffic in Miami simmer down a bit. If we cooperate and try our hardest to use the resources given to us, I guarantee you we will get very far with organizations like this, we will see huge changes with traffic congestion in Miami real soon.

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