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All About Indian Pickles And Chutneys!

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Summary: While Indians are known for their extraordinary culinary heritage, this article talks only about Pickles and Chutneys. They are the sweet, spicy and sourly type of cuisines included in their food regime.

Pickles or so-called the “Achaars” are at the heart of the Indians. Made from veggies, fruits or herbs, they are a blend of different spices, that imparts the spicy and sourly taste. On the contrary, chutneys are not at all spicy, but are sweet preparations, served as compliments with main dishes. Usually, Achaars are eaten as a taste enhancer with main meals, especially the Rotis, paranthas or puris. They are too much spicy, sourly and savory, and which is why only a pinch of a pickle can be enough to enhance the taste of Rotis or puris or whatever is consumed with it. While Achaars once prepared can be stored for a longer time as they are made using oil which acts as preservatives, chutneys are prepared fresh and need to be eaten within one or two days.

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Before you guess further, what chutneys or achaars are, here are the explanations of some best types of the two that are very famous among the USA homemakers.

Mango Pickle

It is the spiciest achaar made with raw mango and green chili. It is not only spicy but sour too. Commonly known as Aam ka achaar in India, this pickle is a constant side dish to every Punjabi platter. Be it aloo paratha, plain roti-sabji, butter nan, or tandoori dishes, mango pickle is a must.

Tomato chutney

This is the most healthy chutney amongst all the types of chutneys as it contains vitamins and oxidant called glutathione. Unlike mango pickle, tomato chutney is sweet to taste and mostly eaten as a dessert item after finishing the main meal. The key ingredients are Tomato, sugar, salt, water, red chili powder, cumin seeds and coriander seeds.

Chilli Pickle

This pickle is for those who love spicy foods and feel incomplete without chili in their meals. They should give a tangy twist to their taste buds by trying this pickle. A specific variety of chili, that is bigger in size, is used for preparing this pickle. Mustard and fenugreek are ground to make a powdery mixture and are stuffed into those chilies to give a unique taste and essence.

Coconut chutney

This chutney is a principal dish to accompany South Indian cuisines like Dosa, Idli, Smabar Vada, Uttapam. This lip-smacking cutney is prepared with coconut, green chilies, and peanuts. For seasoning purpose, mustard seeds and curry leaves are added to it. Not only Indians but also people all over the world have become a big fan of this South Indian delicacy.

Apart from the above-mentioned pickles, there are some other pickles and achaars too that are widely prepared in every Indian home and are eaten as a complementary dish to every meal. This includes Pudiney ki chutney, neembu achaar, coriander pickle, mixed fruit pickle etc. For the Non-vegetarians, there is a special pickle i.e chicken pickle, which is generally eaten with rice.


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