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Olivia Munn is one Hollywood actress that should never be underestimated. The actress creatively and successfully turned a career in entertainment journalism to a thriving acting career. With a series of smart choices, she has achieved unparallel career wins. Olivia Munn got her start when she played Mily Acuna on Beyond The Break, but she gained attention as a co-host for Attack Of The Show and as a correspondent on The Daily Show. As an actress, she is best known for her roles in The Newsroom, Magic Mike, Mortdecai, Six, Deliver Us From Evil and 2016’s superhero film X-Men: Apocalypse. Who Is Olivia Munn?

Bio & Age

Lisa Olivia Munn was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the 3rd of July, 1980 to Winston Munn and Kimberly Schmid. Olivia is of mixed ethnicity as her mother is of Chinese and Vietnamese heritage while her father is of Irish, German and English descent. Her mother was a Vietnamese refugee who fled her country during the Vietnam War and later married her father after college. Her parents sadly divorced when the actress was just two years old. Her mother later remarried a member of the United States Air Force which led to the family relocating multiple times, though Olivia was primarily raised in Tokyo, Japan. While in Tokyo, she appeared in local theatre productions and began modelling. However, her stepfather was verbally abusive and eventually her mother and stepfather got divorced when she was the teenager, leading to Olivia and her family returning to the United States. She has a sister, Sara, who is a lawyer and a brother, John, who is a physicist. Back in the United States, she attended Putnam City North High School before moving on to earn her B.A. in journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

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Who Has She Dated In The Past? Over the years, Olivia Munn has been in several high profile relationships. There have also been persistent rumours around her romantic life by gossip blogs and different media outlets.

Jamie Foxx

The actress was once rumoured to be dating actor/musician, Jamie Foxx, who is twelve years older than she is. However, these rumours were never validated and seemed to disperse just as soon as they started.

Brett Ratner

Next, in 2003, she was rumoured to be in a relationship with the well-known film director – Brett Ratner who is best known for his films: The Revenant, Horrible Bosses, X: Men The Last Stand, Tower Heist, Rush Hour and Barely Lethal, although this was never confirmed.

Bryan Greenberg

However, her first official relationship in the spotlight was with Bryan Greenberg, the two were together from 2007 till 2009. Bryan, who is an actor as well, is known for his roles in How To Make It America, The Mindy Project, October Road, Friends With Benefits and Bride Wars. The actor is now married to Jamie Chung.

Chris Pine

Shortly after her relationship with Bryan Greenberg ended, she began dating Hollywood hunk – Chris Pine. The actor is best known for playing Steve Trevor in the critically acclaimed superhero film Wonderwoman. The relationship was short-lived and ended after only a few months together.

Justin Timberlake

After her breakup with Chris Pine, Olivia Munn was rumoured to be dating the musician, Justin Timberlake. However, these rumours had no merit to them and they soon lost steam.

Matthew Morrison

Shortly after, the following year, the actress was rumoured to be dating Glee star, Matthew Morrison after they were seen at ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden together. These rumours were never confirmed or denied.

Brad Richards

Her next official relationship was with the hockey player, Brad Richards. The relationship only lasted a few months before fizzling out. 8. Joel Kinnaman Image Source From February 2012 till March 2014, Olivia Munn was in a relationship with Joel Kinnaman, a Swedish actor who gained Hollywood’s attention in 2011 for playing one of the lead characters in the critically acclaimed show The Killing. The actor has since gone on to star in the Robocop remake, the DCEU Film – Suicide Squad and the Netflix series, Altered Carbon.

A few months after her breakup with Joel, she began dating Aaron Rodgers, the American football quarterback. The two met the Academy of Country Music Awards and were together for three years before the relationship, unfortunately, ended in April 2017. Presently, all is quiet on the romantic front when it comes to Olivia Munn. The actress is currently not dating anyone, choosing to focus on her career instead.


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