All of Time and Space Yet I Still Choose You


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It was a shocker, really. Out of all the people, NASA picked me to travel in time. Maybe it was a stroke of good luck from here on out… or maybe not. Who knows? All I know is that this is going to be very timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly. And I’d have to mentally prepare not to make a fool out of myself in front of NASA personel of all people. No sir! I’m not gonna break out into a speech about all of time and space like a certain time traveller from a certain show It’s been well enough time- yes time haha! Anyway, it’s been well enough time since the letter had arrived. I’m now walking towards NASA! Damn… it was exactly what I imagined. State of the art equipment, pristine white walls, scientists walking down the hallway; it feels so surreal. Of course, nothing was more surreal than being able to travel to any point in time- past or future “Alright, son.” One of the scientists said. “This is the first time we humans attained the means to travel through time. So naturally, the first man to travel through time would have the honor to set the course of the journey.”

“But before that!” Interrupted another scientist. “We still haven’t named the damned machine. Any suggestions? After all, this IS gonna be synonymous to your name if it turns out to be a success.”

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“TARDIS.” I said flatly. I don’t care if it was too cliche or copyrighted by the damned BBC. They said that this time machine was a box. It’s a TARDIS. Period.

“Right.” The first scientist said in an almost defeated sounding tone.

“What? You thought I was gonna say Delorean?”

I swear I saw him give a coin to his partner when my back was turned… “Now then, on with the matter at hand!”

“Er… yes I suppose so.” I said quite unelegantly. I pondered on the question for far too long. I already knew when I wanted to go. Yet… I don’t know if I would be able to handle seeing it again.

But my resolve eventually overcame the fear. I stepped into the time machine. It was an… odd looking thing, just one tiny transparent glass box. The chair inside it had quite a complex number of buttons and sliders that, if I hadn’t been taught to differentiate, would be very very confusing.

“Fourteenth of February.” I muttered to myself as the date flashed on my screen, and subsequently the master control at the observer’s deck. “Two thousand and eighteen.”

I typed in the rest of the details. Brows furrowed, I looked on as the machine began to hum. A blink. A flash.

And there I was, at the exact time I wanted to be in. It worked! Holy crap, it actually worked!

“Whoa…” was the only sound that escaped my lips as I stepped outside. The almost wet breeze instantly picked up, making me squint my eyes. Yes, it was particularly cloudy with a bit of rain on the hourly occasion on this day. But it could be any old day, so I went inside the Eleven across the street.

I began rummaging around the damned place to find a newspaper. No one even reads those these days, so it took just a bit longer than expected. But I sighed in relief; the newspapers I found had the date: 14th of February, 2018.

Yes… now, for the plan. I hid the time machine at some inconspicuous place and shut it down.

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