All Our Wisdom Starts Foolishly

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We all start out as kids metaphysically and then grow up through trial, error and full understanding of “what to do next time”. As long as there is existence and consciousness, too, there always is a next time.

Let me explain myself: Reality is like a chess game played by computers so to speak, we make many wrong moves only knowing what to do to succeed after the wrong moves are fully understood. My Dad, Joe, used to take apart a whole car motor and have it together and working again within six or seven hours after he took it apart. Some people take three days to fix a car, maybe four. As his son, I used to copy him in his approaches to getting things done efficiently and in a working way.

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Here is our secret: Sort of like Tesla, figure out what does not work rapidly so that you can get to what does work consistently, and you must allow fully for these “mistakes”, so that what does not work can be weeded out fully. Even Edison claimed to have this approach when inventing the light bulb, supposedly finding 9,999 ways that did not work until he found the one that did. A few years before my Dad lost mobility and strength and died, he could fix a car within under four hours with this approach fully knowing what was going on. How? He understood fully what mistakes not to make if he fully wanted the car to work or anything in life for that matter. Although he lived only to fifty-two years old, he shared that wisdom fully with me, and I caught on to it.

Efficiency comes from knowing what does not work and doing what does work fully and with conscious and subconscious understanding, also with super conscious approval of all methods overall meaning that it is in line with reality as a whole, and works objectively well in reality. So, all wisdom does start with initial mistakes and foolishness. Wisdom is created, not born, to put it succinctly.

After all, if a chess computer can learn, so can we and even better in some ways because of consciousness. Reality comes down to learning and applying, not initial “natural” perfection. Sure, I could say otherwise. What do we learn from what we do not earn? Nothing. We learn nothing. To earn through our own effort and understanding is always best when it comes to reality anyhow.

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