All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

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All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

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Too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, that is a relatable illusion when it comes to having fun at work. It’s with no contention that work requires some well-defined ethics. However, having a Lil fun and ethical play is equally important.

Working requires a lot of time, dedication, attention, and focus. The ethics associated with work dictate that any employee should abide by the laws of the firm. During training and along the learning process, an individual is taught to abide by the laws in place and follow the entire work ethic guideline. It goes without saying however that a little fun while at work is very important. It not only helps the members to bond but also to keep refreshed all through their busy work hours.

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There are various ways that employees can have fun at work:

They could throw some healthy jabs at each other. The jabbing should be conscious of the person’s emotional life, and should not include intrigue on the personal life and emotionally relatable scenarios. This could happen while the employees are having tea or lunch breaks, or in between loopholes of busy schedules. It should however not be done in between serious discussions and engagements.

Sharing funny content either online or offline could also be advantageous. Commonly, employees working within a common space have social media groups. for instance, having a WhatsApp group could be useful whenever one wants to psyche up bored or idle employees. They just share the content, say, videos or gifs. The other employees will just employ their sense of humor and in the process, you will be having fun while working.

Cracking jokes in the middle of discussions or during breaks is another way. Whoever feels that they have a burning joke just disposes of it in the midst of other workers. Jokes are often used to make fun of each other or even roasting the organization. Jokes enhance mental activity and enhance engagement among employees and also creates and cements the rapport between them and their bosses.

Playing games is also another way of having fun. The games could be live, virtual, or even practically playing in an open field. Games like shooting games, puzzles, and crosswords could be essential. Playing soccer or having short quick bike rides is also an option. Gaming not only relieves workload but also relieves internal stress and other issues.

Fun at the workplace is very significant. It helps to grow the career of the workers and is a detoxicate of boredom and idleness. The advantages of having fun at work include:

  • Creating a conducive work environment: the environment in which one works depends on the variables included to create it. This implies that for workers to have a conducive work environment they have to be accommodating. Having fun is a very promising way of developing that desired environment. This is because when you have fun, you develop that liking for your workplace because of the accommodative nature. Having fun also means that you will enjoy your stay because humor is a stimulant to work.
  • Discourages idleness: at work, often, the employees get spare time. This spare time can always translate to idleness. Idleness, in the long run, will contribute to unproductivity. This will negatively affect the company. To eliminate idleness, the employees could get involved in fun activities that do not interfere with the normal work schedules. They could go outside the office and have fun e.g. by skipping rope, and other simple fun activities and games.
  • Improves teamwork: fun activities will always involve many people. A team is always defined as a group of individuals dealing with similar tasks and goals. Workers of an organization are theoretically a team only that they may be dealing with slightly different goals and departments. Having fun together in an office or a department will always strengthen the ties between the employees. Each worker will feel that they are part of a team that is bonded and is willing to work together. Teamwork will almost automatically be translated to the work they do in their departments. Fun brings the different people that would have otherwise been apart together.
  • Enhances employee discipline: fun at work is controversial because in a way it seems as it is a way of diverging from the norms and ethics of work. However, a discerned employee will always be able to draw a line of separation of work and fun. A brilliant employee will always know the time to play and the time for having fun around their workplace. Employee discipline will therefore improve in the course of one’s career because one will be accustomed to the right fund activities and how to respect work in the process.
  • Enhances employee activity and productivity: an overloaded mind is always unproductive. Pastime activities at work will help to unload one’s activities in the brain. In the same course, it will improve their activity. Having fun will toggle and troubleshoot the brains to become more active. Productivity is improved in the sense that a happy mind is always a producer. The employees will deliver their services properly and hence the organization will get more output from a motivated employee.
  • Motivational aspect: employee motivation is often seen only as financial support. Organizations provide incentives to motivate their employees. Others provide snacks and drinks in between sessions. However, fun is always underrated and considered retarded. Employers always go wrong in their thinking. to get it right, they should allow employees to have fun in between tight sessions to motivate them and help them to improve on productivity.

Having fun should not be confused with time squandering. Workers should be in apposition to draw a line between time wastage and having fun. This comes in as a cautionary measure, having in mind that one could easily lose their job in the name of spending their pastime at the expense of their work.

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