Alliance for Applying the Law of Concentration

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A great endless circle. It may be that by the act of concentrating your mind with intensity on a given subject you send out thought waves that reach and blend with those of a related or similar nature, thereby establishing a line of communication between the one doing the concentrating and the thoughts of a similar nature that have been previously set into motion. Going still a step further, may it not be possible to so attune one’s mind, and harmonize the rate of vibration of thought with the rate of vibration of the ether, that all knowledge that has been accumulated through the organized thoughts of the past is still available? With these hypotheses in mind, go back to Lesson Two and study Andrew Carnegie’s description of the Master Mind through which he accumulated his great fortune.

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When Carnegie formed an alliance between more than a score of carefully selected minds, he created one of the strongest industrial forces that the world has ever witnessed. With a few notable (and very disastrous) exceptions, the men constituting the Master Mind that Carnegie created thought and acted as one! And that Master Mind, composed of many individual minds, was concentrated on a single purpose, the nature of which is familiar to everyone who knew Mr. Carnegie, particularly those who were competing with him in the steel business. You will understand from this lesson that the object of forming an alliance between two or more people, and thereby creating a Master Mind, is to apply the law of Concentration more effectively than it could be applied through the efforts of one person.

The principle referred to as the Master Mind is nothing more nor less than group Concentration of mind power on the attainment of a definite object or end. Greater power comes through group mind Concentration because of the “stepping up” process produced through the reaction of one mind on another or others. If you have followed Henry Ford’s record, even slightly, you will undoubtedly have observed that concentrated effort has been one of the outstanding features of his career. Nearly thirty years ago he adopted a policy of standardization as to the general type of automobile he would build, and he consistently maintained that policy until the change in public demand forced him, in 1927, to change it.

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