Amazon Company: Introduction, Background, History & Goods

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Amazon Essay – Company Background and History

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  • Introduction and background of Amazon
  • History
  • Faster delivery
  • Amazon go
  • Goods made by Amazon
  • Services offered by Amazon
  • Security issues and working conditions
  • Security issues
  • Suggestion for Amazon
  • References:

Introduction and background of Amazon

Amazon is an E-commerce organization based in the US, the company is an enormous internet-based that sells different product range (DVDs, video games, high-techs, furniture, jewelry and many other goods) with products often delivered the next day with worldwide shipping. they also offer web services such as renting data storage which is called “cloud computing” they are the first larger provider in this service. They also manufacture revolutionary products such as e-books, soon after its release it has led amazon to a sharp rise in the e-book market and the company now holds the monopole of the book publishing market.

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In 1994, Jeff Bezos integrated Amazon, Bezos got inspired by the “Amazon river” as it is exotic and the biggest river in the world, he decided to name his company as Amazon which was originally called “Cadabra”. The CEO Jeff Bezos decided to firstly sell books because he thought it’s the most popular products sold, But he was not the only one who had the idea he had two big competitors “silicon valley bookstore” and “computer literacy” they were in the market years ago, However Bezos had a different strategy with a bigger objectives he planned to ship his books worldwide. Jeff Bezos took advantage of the popularity the internet was gaining and that’s when amazon succeeded, in the first year of business Amazon sales were up to $20,000 a week Amazon was shipping to all over the US and 43 other countries. Amazon website 1994Amazon grew really fast by 1996 they have reached 180,000 costumer accounts. In 1996 Its revues went from $14 millions to $140 millions in 1997 and then to $600 million in 1998.

By 1999 Amazon started to sell different product range games, furniture, electronics …etc. Now that Amazon is getting attention worldwide, many organization (Walmart, Barnes & Noble…etc.) are starting to sue Amazon, saying that Amazon claims to the “the world’s largest bookstore” and many other allegations. At the end the suit was dropped out and made amazon to implement new regulations. To maintain the growth, Amazon needed to look for new investors to increase the development, to do so Amazon became a public company and made $55 million on the NASDAQ. After this Amazon was only investing in expansions and new plans.

Faster delivery

One of the secrets of Amazon is inside of its warehouse its one of the most advanced innovations, that’s one of the reasons that no other retailer can beat Amazon with its speed delivery. Here goods are organized, sorted and packed by robots, each time an arrival of products gets to the warehouse it is identified by a computer and then sorts it with its category, if an order is completed the orange robots would automatically collect it and then hand it to another machine that will make sure the product is not damaged after that it would pack it and give it to the worker. Robotic machines identifies goods and sorts themThere are more than 1000 robots arranging the goods with the help of only few workers which is the best way to reduce costs and faster delivery. Amazon now got thousands of warehouses around the world with more than 100,000 robots.

Amazon go

Amazon go is the latest innovation of Jeff Bezos, it’s a unique store they offer different range of meals breakfast, lunch, dinner and other dairy products, however you can walk-in the store with the Amazon go app grab whatever you want and walk-out with no checkouts or cashier and no waiting, the only workers that are in the store there are in the kitchen cooking and getting the meals ready and packed. It works with the latest computer vision technology, basically there are cameras all around the store and it will detect the products you grabbed. After you walkout the store Amazon will send you a charge you and send your receipt through your Amazon account.

Goods made by Amazon

The first product that Amazon has manufactured and created it’s called the Kindle which is an E-book, you can buy books, read newspaper, magazines and many other things. After its release in 2007 its sold out only 4 hours later sold over millions after its release and now Amazon has made different range of Kindle and its Amazon’s best seller. In 2015, Amazon developed a new kind of speaker, you can control it by voice and can assist you in your daily tasks it’s called Alexa cost around £100. It can play you favorite music, set alarms to wake you up and providing you with daily news and you will receive an answer immediately by an AI, Amazon sold more than 18 million devices, however Alexa got a strong competitor called google home they sold the double what Amazon sold even though Alexa is £20 cheaper.

Services offered by Amazon

In 2006, amazon launched its cloud service called Amazon web now millions of customers are using it and made over $13 billion and it’s still rising. It’s basically a service offered by subscription monthly , its allows you to have a “ghost-computer” or a virtual computer that you can use whenever you want, you can use the computer by a browser , amazon will give you all the login details and you can connect, in other words Amazon has a real computer (physical) and it will stream you the screen, For example: If you have a low-cost computer and you want to launch a video game that is very demanding on performance your computer can’t run the game and it will certainly crash however, if you connect to the virtual computer of amazon that’s an high-end computer, it will run the game on the computer and will stream it to your computer screen, there are many other things that amazon web provide for example: store your personal information

Security issues and working conditions

Working conditions Amazon got more than 400,000 employees worldwide however, an investigation has been conducted because there has been complaints for managing their employees like robots by making their workers working more than 50 hour weeks but amazon claims Amazon said:” Amazon provides a safe and positive workplace with good benefits and good salary”, it’s been observed that there has been many emergency calls from amazon warehouses.There have been different emergencies such as electric shocks and other serious injuries with more than 600 emergency calls, if we compare to another warehouse nearby they only had 7 emergencies. With all the injuries, employees are complaining about poor air conditioning and tight bathroom breaks with 24/7 video surveillance.

Security issues

Amazon offers many high-teach products one of them is called Alexa it’s a smart speaker that assist you with daily tasks, Alexa can control your house heating and many other things, however it had an integrated microphone that records all what you say 24/7. Just recently an owner of Alexa was having a normal conversation with his friend until suddenly a friend of his who lived in another city has been sent a voice message of his friend having a conversation, the receiver of the message immediately called him and asked him to immediately turn off your Alexa. If any hacker is able to hack Alexa it could devastating if the device is connected to the central heating. Amazon said: “the data collected from Alexa are stored in the cloud which is hack-proof”

One of the other services that is hackable is the Amazon web service its “cloud computing” which you can store your personal information in the cloud, companies and private individual are worried about the concern of their private data stored if someone can exploit them and if amazon has control over them. Amazon mentioned that if any information were to leak the costumer must assume the risks, one of the solutions that the companies are using is to encrypt their data even if someone is trying to open the files it will be impossible and the file will auto-delete.In 2015 a hacker used the amazon web service In order to conduct an attack against the giant Sony, approximately 80 millions of accounts got affected by entering the amazon web service he got his way to millions of data stored in the cloud. Now many companies are wondering if they would trust amazon with its service, but some companies are storing non-confidential data they are not worrying.

Suggestion for Amazon

Amazon went from a book shop to a giant e-commerce company that provides many services and goods with more than 300,000 workers worldwide, however amazon is lacking from developing in merging (developing) countries it’s a chance to exploit their rising economy. Another suggestion is to try to solve their security issue by developing new firewall system.



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