American History: Shays Rebellion and New Federalism


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Shay’s Rebellion:

The Shays Rebellion was started by Daniel Shays against the Massachusetts government. He was the American soldier former captain and farmer. The reason behind rebellion is because people were taken to prison because they couldn’t pay off debt. The fundamental aim was to prevent foreclosure on Shay’s and other farmers debt-ridden land through maintaining Western Mass. county courts from sitting until after the subsequent election. The Shay’s Rebellion was against the tax.

New Federalism:

Federalism is the system of governance where powers are divided between the Federal and the State government. The constitution divides these powers and decides the level of power at each level of the government. New federalism is one of the various types of Federalism, such as Dual Federalism and so on. New federalism means more state control or empowering the state administration and more freedom, so that can improve the lives of citizens. New federalism is based on the concept that decentralization of accountability enhances administrative efficiency. It was launched by President Nixon in 1970 and persisted by President Reagan. New federalism pursuits to return some powers from the federal government back to the states

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Framing and Priming:

Framing means the power of the media to influence how events and issues are interpreted. The media also shows facts of a story in such a way that the target audience is given a specific point of view of references and interpretation. Not only that the media also file that a political candidate has intense views on an issue, that a finance proposal is unsafe to a specific group, that a new medication is of questionable safety, and so on. Now hence by doing so the media thus have presented a frame through which the story is interpreted by the audience. For example: President Trump messages on issues like immigrants and trade such on (Conservatism in the Era of Trump, Sep 2019). Next, priming is a process of preparing the public to take a particular view of an event or political actor. Medias are very strong leading an event such as World Cup, or Super Bowl, almost making it hard for the audience to ignore the events. Such types of reporting attracts an audience of people for the temporarily interested in the sport, even though most members of the audience were not sports fans. Rather they all are the people who got caught up in the moment.

The New Deal:

The New Deal was the name of a progression of financial and social changes just as another direction of the U.S. central government toward progressively dynamic guidelines of the national economy. It was lead by President Franklin D . Roosevelt, the New Deal projects were a lot of arrangement reactions to the enormous financial emergency brought forth by the breakdown of the American economy and the Great Depression that pursued. According to the article “The Green New Deal: A Strategy for a More Equal United States“ by Jeremy Brecher, to direct the economy all in all, the New Deal utilized tools of what came to be known as Macroeconomics to Keynesian economic policy. One of the key principles of the New Deal was to protect laborers from the overly economic hardship and double the wages for people who work in public jobs and benefits (Brecher, 2019).

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