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American Revolution: Causes and Timeline

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Mexican Americans since 1975 have been going through difficult circumstances involving their heritage. As the years go on from the past, understanding how Mexican Americans triumphed as they struggled to work their way through the political, economic, and social issues within the society to where they are at this moment in life. They came to the United States looking for protection with the civil war happening in Mexico but they came unknowing to the racism against Mexican Americans as they try to conform in the United States was brought harshly due to their language barriers, education, healthcare, employment, and immigration. Growing up in the United States having education access was very difficult to obtain also to be hired to work at jobs was a challenge.

The unfortunate circumstances of coming to the United States was a fight to stay for their safety. Mexican Americans had trouble looking for education since they came in speaking spanish there were unable to understand the lecture which was in english.The schools there didn’t have a translator to help guide them, not until Lau v. Nichols, the court ruled that students could not be restricted in access to educational programs because they did not speak English.” so they continued their being taught in spanish and then would later transition to english once they got the hang of it but many white Americans did not like the idea of them not being taught english before spanish. They would since they immigrated illegally the white people had the right to be hired before any immigrant.

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Describe and analyze the essential political, economic, and social issues affecting the contemporary Mexican American experience from 1975 to the present day.


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