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American Revolution: Seven Years’ War

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The events leading to the American Revolution started with the Seven Years’ War. The seven years war was described as a conflict between the british government and the colonist in britain. This war was on going for 8 years. From 1775 1783. During this war british began to lose a lot of money due to everything they had purchased to prepare for the war. These purchases put the british in debt and caused them to start enforcing taxes on the colonists because the british felt that although they got put in this debt that the british colonists should help pay the debt in return for their safety in britain. This caused a divide from the british colonists and the british government which ended in the two having different views on many events that led to the american revolution.

The seven years war had many effects on the role of the british empire. It left britain in debt and more. The british empire informed many taxes and regulations to make sure that the empire remained in control over the colonists. This never got much attention because the colonies had adapted to “salutary neglect. ” this would soon lead up to the brisitosh enforcing certain laws that required the colonist to pay taxes to the british empire regarding their safety in britain.

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The sugar act was soon passed in 1964. This act was looked at as an advantage to the colonists. When in fact it could go both ways. The colonists would soon realize that this was an act of harm towards the colonists because the british enforce a rule that did not allow the colonist to trade with merchants unless they were okay with facing fines.

Later, the revenue act was enforced which was a tax that was placed on goods which allowed them to trade freely. This act gave the british an advantage because they could now collect money from the colonists when they wanted to trade with others outside of britain. The reasoning behind the sugar act was to put in place to build on the navigation act the stamp act began. The stamp act was established to put a tax on the colonist yet again. Every paper, documents and etc would be taxed in order to help keep british safe and protected. This caused a great deal of hardship for the colonist and any writers or anyone needing to write period. Because of this the colonists fought back and the act was decided to be unconstitutional. This was the main reason why the conflict between great britain and the colonists began. The colonist knew their rights and wasn’t going to stop fighting for it.

In 1767 the townshend act was passed by british parliament. Yet again the british were trying to collect the colonists money by taxes. This act did not come across as harshly as the stamp act did. Although the colonist decided to boycott british goods which led to the development of a peaceful protest against the british. Following this protest the next event that occured was the boston massacre took place this fight took the lives of many american colonists and british soldiers.

The tea act was soon put into place to rescue the east india company from bankruptcy. The british gov tried to reach out some of the money made from the importation of tea to the colonies. This was another reason that the colonists object the tea act. This was when the tea that was thrown overboard of east india companies ships. This act made the british government very frustrated. Soon after, intolerable acts was passed in 1774 as a punishment for the boston tea party. The intolerable acts consisted of four harsh laws that constantly reminded the colonists that the british remained in control. This made the colonists angry because these laws also meant that they had many restrictions which included them not being able to be their own organized political group.

The british empire treated the british colonists in such a disfair manner. Although the britished protected the colonists during the war they should have never been forced to pay the taxes they did. The payment of taxes during the sugar, stamp, townshend, tea, and intolerable acts the colonist should not have been engaged the way they were.


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