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Mathematics, an advantageous subject and an useful tool in our everyday lives. Without further notice, we surely use mathematics in most cases. If you relate with us, we look at a clock before we go to bed to calculate how many hours we can rest our bodies for the whole night. If you noticed, we calculated it using Mathematics but not just counting hours and minutes we can do, the subject is beyond everything in the answers of all the problems. Let us now observe our everyday tasks, we wake up and the first thing we do is looking at the time, we eat our breakfast, brush our teeth, take a nice bath, and we go to school to learn.a

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Now, let us imagine what will happen when math was never “invented” or “discovered”. Just feel the discomfort and the difficulty we will receive, sure we will be under pressure when we didn’t learn subjects like English, Science and other major subjects but mathematics is just the exact tool to interact with the universe. Pythagoras, the first true mathematician changed our lives and paved a better path for success for finding the key to solve abstract and critical problems. He invented basic math like addition, subtraction and so on, Other mathematicians became the successors of Pythagoras and created lots and lots of topic for quicker and easier answers. It is definitely worth it to stress yourself just to learn math because that would be your tool to fix most problems in your life.

Being a Grade 10 Student here in GNC Montessori and I absolutely agree that our first grading topics can be used in real life. Arithmetic Sequence can be used for typical problem solving like planning to save money by knowing how much money you should save in the few next days if you decided to save the same amount of money everyday while Series is used to sum up all the money you saved each day. Geometric Sequence can also be used for various exponential growth problems like multiplying items and money, a typical problem like how much money you will save in the particular day if you decided to double the amount of your savings everyday, and if you decided to sum up the savings until the last day, you can basically use Series. Next time you think why this topic is being taught to us if we aren’t going to use it in real life, remember that no mathematician is going to spend years of creating formulas for nothing. We should not complain and we should obviously be thankful that math was created.

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