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An Accident Has Just Happened and Your Teenager Was Involved

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The telephone rings and the number is unrecognizable, such as the news that the individual on the other side of the phone is about to disperse to your ears. First off comes the question: “Are you the parent or guardian?” The reply may be hesitant and filled with fear. “Your teenager has just been in an accident,” are the words that bring about a series or emotions such as: shock, sorrow, and anger. The next bit of information may cause utter devastation. The informant has pointed out that not only did it take place about an hour ago, but the accident was major and gives the location. One’s brain after this call is cycling many thoughts, but physically the adult is rushing out the door to get to the scene in order to figure out just what happened and how their child is.

No individual should have to hear or deal with their friends, family members, or loved ones being in a drunken driving collision. Are there not laws that prohibit such behavior? The drunken driving law clearly states that one over a certain blood alcohol level cannot get behind the wheel. Does that stop individuals from driving drunk? Clearly, the answer to that question is no. The risks of driving drunk are numerous! When one turns on the ignition steers the car out into the road and begins to drive in a drunken haze they do not only endanger themselves they put others are risk such as: passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians. The problem is that this law does not prevent people from choosing to disregard it and it isn’t until it is too late that anyone can do much about it. Over the years, California and other states have been cracking down on drunk driving. California alone spends maybe even billions of dollars on check points and small drunk driving cases, but the money is a bit of a waste when it comes down to fact. The fact is an intoxicated driver stubbornly or blankly steers his or her way into fatal crashes and rather than focusing and making the lower level BAC levels such a big case the law enforcement should be more aware or places serving alcohol and the beings staggering out to their cars. Realistically, not every accident due to inebriation can be averted, but the focus is on to broad of a scale.

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The story begins to unfold in one’s head as the drive to the scene of the accident that just took place. The ride is nerve wracking as details build up in the parent’s brain. Does my child drink? Was my child behind the wheel? Was one of my child’s friends drunk? Is my child alive? Did someone die? Lights flash about the scene of the incident. Slowly the foot is applied to the break and you park your car stepping out onto the scene shivering at the colds night air and being pointed towards the chief of police. The car you lent your child is totaled from what meets the eye and tears begin to fall down your face. Suddenly, the news never seems far enough from as the words sorry fumble off the chief’s lips. That sorry can mean a lot of different things. The law is clear on drinking and driving and the scene is gruesome. Of course, if your baby is hurt or worse dead there is going to be angst to the other party and law enforcement for not catching the drunken driver, but if the roles are reversed. Well, one can only ponder on the distress in the statement as they wait for the announcement of their teen’s fate. A fate that a law enacted currently is supposed to prevent, but has no guarantee.


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