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On October 11, 2018, I discovered an amazing world of art, called Tampa Museum of Art located in downtown Tampa, Florida area. The museum offered different exhibits including; The Classical World, Yayoi Kusama: LOVE IS CALLING, Kiss and tell by Wolfgang Flad, Laura with Bun by Jaume Plensa and Patricia Cronin, Aphrodite, and the Lure of Antiquity. The museum permanent holds a collection of classical antiquities, decorative arts and sculpture, paintings, works on paper and 20th century photographs. It is also particularly strong representing different periods of time, including modern, contemporary and ancient art.

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The major artist represented that I saw was Ralph Goings and the Joseph Veach Noble CollectionWhile reading my art museum review instructions I almost forgot I had to take a picture of the wondrous architecture outside of the museum created by Leo Villareal. The structure is made of aluminum and composed of LED lights inside each and every little hole to give it a great look at night time when the lights change color. The first thought that came into my mind was to recognize the amazing way of approaching people to the museum just by the fact of how big the structure is and the brilliant colors that shine at night. One of the principles and elements that I saw is repetition, the artist used repetition in his architectural design as a way of providing joy by the way the colors come out at night represented by each hole. By looking to the structure, I can see how balance forms an element of the design. The evenness and distribution of the horizontal and vertical lines created by the illusion of the way that the holes are formed give the structure a well-balanced and steady design. Another element is scale, the structure is immensely large to my proportion and full round which means it can be viewed from every side. The size of the structure caught my attention from the moment I first saw it by giving me a welcoming experience. I expected the interior to give me a sense of modern look by its outside architecture and it did! I was overwhelmed by how one thing leads to another referring the modern architecture in the exterior of the museum.

After getting home, I took some time to analyze the pictures I got from the trip to the museum and two of them spoke to me. The first one is a sculpture that caught my attention as soon as I walked into the Classical World section which is where you find Roman artworks and artifacts. It was titled Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin by Joseph Veach Collection in 1986. It has a relative size in height of 62. 2 inches (158 cm). The statue is made out of marble and by the method of subtraction which is a method of taking away unnecessary material to form a sculpture. The artist identifies the structure as a Greek god of the sea by its wavy and abundant hair covering every detail of the exterior of its face. Also, in representation of the god of the sea he is saying to be carrying in his left arm (which is missing as well as the right one) something known as a trident (which the trident is missing as well). Next to his right leg I noticed a very strange figure which I found out it was a diving dolphin and how he is represented to be surrounded by ocean. The statute has very highlighted details, from the wavy lines in his beard and hair to its abdominal lines and to the muscles in his legs which makes a sense of realism. The lights from the ceiling creates a focal point to the structure and creates shadows as well. Also, its texture appears to be smooth by the refined finish of the artist. The second work of art that inspired me and spoke to me is titled Torso of Aphrodite/Venus by Joseph Veach Noble Collection in 1986 with a relative size of 117 cm.

As soon as I walked into the Patricia Cronin, Aphrodite, and the Lure of Antiquity section I was amazed by this architecture of Aphrodite with her head, hands, and feet missing. The statute is made out of marble and is by the method of subtraction as well as Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin. Aphrodite represents the goodness of love as well as beauty. It is said that the torso shown in the picture once belonged to a statue of a life-sized figure of a woman. The artist reflects the use of lines on the see-through toga she is wearing, from curve to straight lines. The statute of Aphrodite also represents the natural beauty of a woman meaning she does not need to be perfect to be beautiful by the way she is missing important parts of her body. I think the artist gives a meaning to this statute by the way he created it by showing its intimate parts and reflecting that women should not be ashamed of how they are. From the bottom of the statue I can see the piece of marble that the artist started working on which gives it support and stability as well.

The Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin and Torso of Aphrodite/Venus have a lot of similitudes as well as differences. The most noticeable similitudes between them is that they are both a collection of Joseph Veach Noble and created on the same year which is 1986. They also represent a god The Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin represents the Greek god of the sea while the Torso of Aphrodite/Venus represents the goodness of love and beauty. They are also made by the method of subtraction and out of marble which is a crystalized rock type. The texture on both statues appear smooth and is highlighted to the viewer by the way it is lighted from the ceiling. Also, these architectural designs are both missing hands and details from how it looked before. Another way that I see both of these designs is that the use of line is implemented just in different ways, for the Greek god of the sea the lines are use throughout his body and in Aphrodite statue the use of line is mostly in her toga. Now talking about differences, scale forms an essential part of it, I can see how is different in size, the first one is 158 cm while the other one is 117 cm.

One of the obvious differences between these two is the gender, the first one is a male while the second is a woman. Another difference is that the Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin has feet and head while the Torso of Aphrodite/Venus only shows her torso view. She is also wearing a transparent toga around her body while he does not have anything on. In conclusion, going to The Museum of Art was not in my bucket list, but now that I visited it, it changed my thoughts about the world of art and how beautifully is composed of details, elements and principles of art. The different art works exhibits by the museum showed me different periods of time and culture, from ancient to modern. The visit to The Museum of Art shows me a way of looking at the world admiring its works of arts (from 2D to 3D, or graffiti, fountains and mosaics) that we see in streets and seeing it as a way the artist wants the viewer to see, analyzing its composition and many more elements. I could also see the different types of cultures represented by each artist, they were all different in scale, color, proportion and balance.

The two works of art that I liked the most was the Statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside dolphin and the Torso of Aphrodite/Venus by their similitudes and differences made it an interesting experience of understanding how something so similar to another can be so different at the same time. It is amazing how we live our life without taking a moment… Just a little moment to appreciate good art, good artists, people that put all of their effort and thoughts into a master piece… That are always putting their art and their work first, it’s those people who I really admire, the ones that make me feel that in this life there are more good things than bad, sometimes we don’t know what a powerful impact a painting, a song or even a picture can have on us, so it doesn’t matter if is a singer, a painter or whatever type of artist… as long as they put everything they have on the art, believe me… It is going to touch some hearts. But now, that doesn’t mean that everybody has the same concept, like they said “every mind is a world” you might see similar opinions based on art but everyone has their own perception of things, which means that I might like a certain type of art that my mom doesn’t and even if I try to convince her I won’t, because that is art, art is mind freedom.

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