An Analysis of Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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An Analysis Of Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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  • Introduction
  • The Theme of Devotion and True Love in The Notebook
  • The Notebook and the Fatal Choice
  • Conclusion


The novel, “The Notebook” written by Nicholas Sparks is an inspiring love story about an affectionate young man named Noah Calhoun who lost his only love, and found her again. As Noah grew old with his wife, Allie Nelson, she became diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, even this diagnosis couldn’t conquer a love as authentic as theirs. The novel “The Notebook” has a very peculiar theme, which is love conquers all. This theme is shown with in the feelings Allie and Noah felt for each other as their love was lost and found. As their relationship unfolded they showed the true beauty that could be found in a relationship. Allie and Noah’s love overcame the fourteen years they spent apart, and the various obstacles that were thrown their way. Allie and Noah’s love was so true and strong, that it brought them together in the end.

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The Theme of Devotion and True Love in The Notebook

This novel shows love in its purest form through Allie and Noah, which is an example to any married couple. “The Notebook”, is a magical novel that shows devotion and true love. No matter how many fights and obstacles Allie and Noah faced, their love always continued on, and no matter the circumstances Noah never forgot Allie. When Allie’s parents split Allie and Noah apart, Allie began to fear hurting her family. Thus, Allie distanced herself from Noah merely trying to forget him. When Allie became engaged to a man named Lon Hamilton, Noah kept fighting for her. “Noah is also left with the belief that miracles, no matter how inexplicable or unbelievable, are real and can occur without regard to the natural order of things.” (Page 5) This quotation emphasizes the fact that Noah kept wishing for Allie to come back to him. Noah never really got over his love for Allie, and since they were separated for so long Allie went back to Noah fourteen years later, to tell him she was engaged. What Allie didn’t know is that she would fall in love with Noah again. This resulted in Allie spending lots of time deciding between two men, as maybe her feelings for Noah never did fade.

The Notebook and the Fatal Choice

Allie had to make a critical decision when it came to choosing Lon or Noah. Allie’s love for Noah was strong enough to overcome the Money she would have had with Lon, which resulted in Allie choosing Noah over Lon. Allie’s and Noah’s love stayed within Allie forever, she never forgot about him, even when she tried her hardest to do so. When Allie visits Noah it shows that she couldn’t get Noah off her mind, as she went back to make sure she wasn’t making a mistake by choosing Lon. After seeing Noah for the first time in fourteen years, Allie leaves with tears streaming down her face. This features that Allie’s feelings for Noah never did die. "Without another word they came together, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and he put his arms around her, drawing her close." (Reunion, Page 38) This quotation emphasizes Allie’s decision, and shows that her heart was set on Noah, even after all their time spent apart.

Both Allie and Noah are major characters that represent the theme “love conquers all” because without these two characters their tale of losing each other, and finding each other again, could not be told. Allie spent many years in fear of her family’s disapproval of Noah. Allie’s parents never approved of Noah as they didn’t think Noah was a man that would fit in their high class family. Therefore Allie’s mother didn’t deliver any of Noah’s letters to Allie, when it was Noah’s letters that brought them back together. Allie’s mother believed that Allie could do better, and for a while Allie followed the fear of her mother instead of her heart. Allie nearly gave into her family’s disapproval, by choosing Lon instead of Noah. However, when Allie realised how strong her love was for Noah she also realised that no one should force her in a direction she didn’t want to go. When Allie’s mother realised Allie’s love for Noah was so pure she returned the letters to Allie. That is when Allie and Noah became inseparable.


Eventually everyone has to make a critical decision, and in Allie’s circumstance her love for Noah overcame her love for everyone else. The strong love between Allie and Noah left Allie happy knowing she was strong. As Allie and Noah grew old together, Allie’s disease got worse. She couldn’t remember who her children were, her husband, or anything for that matter about her life. Allie had promised Noah when she became diagnosed with Alzheimer’s that she would try her best to remember him, as Noah promised Allie he would try his best to make her remember. Noah believed by reading his notebook to Allie she will begin to remember who he is. However, even when Allie did remember she always began to forget. In the end of the novel Allie and Noah die together just as Allie promised. Even though Allie had Alzheimer’s, their love over powered the disease, which became just another obstacle they had to climb over together. Allie and Noah had to face many setbacks; however they got through it because their love was so pure. This novel proves that true love does conquer all because together Allie and Noah conquered, and accepted their fates.

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