An Analysis of Various Ways of Immunization Against Infectious Diseases

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Preventing Infectious Diseases

Contracting an infectious disease can happen to anyone simply by how it is transmitted. Studies indicate that humans can contract these diseases from one another, insects, animals, even food and water that have been exposed to bad organisms in the environment. Some believe that the best way to contracting these diseases is to stay up to date with vaccinations shots. Although immunizations can be very helpful maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle is the best step in preventing infectious diseases.

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The Handbook for Infectious Disease Management indicates that the agents of transmissions for these diseases are contact, airborne, vehicle, and vector. Examples of contact transmission includes touching an infected person, handling their soiled clothing, even getting sneezed on by in an infected individual are ways to become infected. Airborne transmission is the most unusual transmission and generally requires small particles. Vehicle transmission includes exposure to foods or drinks that are contaminated with unsafe organisms. Vector transmission usually happens when an individual has been bitten or has come into direct contact with an infected insect. According to Cornelis A. Kolff and Ramon Sanchez, “Modes of transmission are the mechanisms by which an infectious agent is transported from reservoir to susceptible human host” (Kolff and Sanchez 250). This indicates that the human receiver has to be highly exposed to an infected agent. Studies have shown that vaccines often weaken the immune system and increases the recipient’s chances of contracting an infectious disease. Some of the steps individuals can take to highly reduce the chances of contracting any of these diseases is to keep your hands clean, disinfect commonly used areas of your home and to always practice safe sex.

Mosby’s Clinical Nursing Series indicates that there are more than seven recommended immunizations for children ages 2 months all the way to 16 years old. After age 25 adults need a tetanus and diphtheria booster every 10 years and after the age 65 people should also be vaccinated against influenza and pneumonia. Individuals with special risks including chronic illnesses, homosexuality, and immigrants are highly recommended to get vaccinated as well. However, Deanna E. Grimes indicates that there are several side effects that can occur after being vaccinated, “Fever of 100 degrees or more, severe headache, swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, wheezing, fainting, or seizures” (Grimes 304). Although vaccines are tested before they are approved, there are other precautions an individual can take to replace getting vaccinated. The Reformed Church believes that diseases can be prevented and cured through prayer and cleanliness. Studies also indicate that infectious diseases can be prevented through smart food preparations and sensibly using prescribed medications.

According to Infectious Diseases passive immunizations only provide a certain degree of protection and active immunizations only work properly if the recipient’s immune system responds sufficiently. living healthy and clean highly boost the immune system naturally which helps keep the body clean and safe against any cold or illnesses including infectious diseases. Although the possibility of contracting an infectious disease can happen to anyone, an individual with a very good immune system is less likely to contract the virus. In the United States majority of the population believes that it is the best way to prevent themselves from contacting the disease but in other countries it is avoided because of the possibility of its dangerous side effects. maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle can be beneficial in many ways it not only lowers your chances of becoming ill but it also ensures you can live a long and enjoyable life as well.

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